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What an amazing seminar weekend my students and
I had in Sedona. I feel very blessed and grateful.


Many of you asked if a DVD-set of the weekend
will be available – and the answer is Yes. Stay tuned as I'll be making an
announcement in the next few weeks.


While I was preparing for the seminar some
notable news events took place, and I'll be revealing more about these stories
– including Walter Cronkite and Vernon Forrest – over the next days.


This morning news broke about Michael Jackson's
main doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray. Investigators are searching Dr. Murray's home
and office in Las Vegas today.


I wanted to know more about his name and


‘Dr. Conrad Murray' has a 35/8 current name
number. Amazingly it has the exact SAME meaning as Michael Jackson's 44/8 name.


35 and 44 are powerful, yet challenging name
numbers – and for that reason alone I would not recommend them. They attract
fateful events, and since in this situation drug addiction was an obvious
problem for MJ, the difficulties were amplified even more.


When you remove ‘Dr.' from ‘Conrad Murray' – you
get a 29/11- another challenging current name number. In fact it ties directly
in with Jackson once again – Michael was born on the 29th.


29/11 will constantly test you for spiritual
strength. This number can indicate sudden danger and untrustworthy friends. One
of the main lessons is to never blame others, but accept full responsibility
for your life. Then, if 29 is your Day of Birth number, it will work miracles
for you.


Again, it's not a number I would ever recommend for
anyone's current name.


Let's look at Dr. Murray's current personal
cycles for July 2009.


Right now Dr. Conrad Murray is in a 22/4
Personal Year. It's a really huge time for him because his Destiny Number –
derived from your name at birth – is 94 and that reduces to 13/4. So his career
and destiny are in the spotlight all year.


Unfortunately, since his name adds up to a
fateful 35/8, the challenging 4 and 8 connection is being triggered for him all
year. So yes, he's in the news and a household name now, but not in a way
anyone would want.


Plus, in July, Dr. Murray is experiencing a
29/11 Personal Month. This means both of his difficult name numbers are being
activated for him at the SAME time. And BOTH tie him directly to Michael


Thanks to numerology, there IS something very
powerful he can do.


I highly recommend he change the spelling of his
name to ‘Dr. Conradd Murray'. With or without the ‘Dr.' this new spelling would
greatly enhance his life in a positive way and help to protect him from further


A fortunate current name is the magical key to
success and peace of mind.


If you do anything make sure the name you're
using is fortunate. Your name is your calling card. You want it to have a
positive and powerful influence on your life.


Check out your current name Now.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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