Whoa. Did you see Michael Phelps win his 7th Gold last night. If not, catch it in tonight's broadcast. It's a legendary swim. One for the ages.

What a stunner. Who would have thought.

I turned to Clay and said, ‘You know it's already the 16th over in Beijing. Well, Michael's Destiny Number is 88 which reduces to 16.' Phelps' 88 Master Number just so happens to symbolize double strength and double power.

Furthermore – and this is amazing – 16 forecasts sudden, shocking events. I couldn't believe the manner in which he came from SO far behind. He was in 7th  place at the wall. Yes, it WAS shocking.

Notice that even being 7th halfway into the race ties into his 88/16/7 Destiny. Oh, and this was his 7th Gold Medal.

Judging from the open mouths around the pool and his mother's reaction – she had to sit down, after seeing the scoreboard – everyone was stunned.

Phelps won by 1 one hundredth of a second. That's pretty insane. Later he said he thought his final lunge to the wall would cost him. Instead, it was the lunge of Gold.

So can he make it eight. At this point I think it would be a good idea to bet on Michael. Yes he has three other teammates who need to help him out tonight. Yes the Aussies are favored to win. Can you imagine the electricity cursing through the swimmers as they line up tonight.

Let's look at the date of Phelps' final, historic race.

It will be August 17th in Beijing. 17 is an 8.

8.17 adds up to – 16/7, reactivating his Destiny Number yet again. What does the full date 8.17.2008 add up to – 26/8 – adding another 8 to activate Michael's 88 Destiny. Ah, and it all falls on a day that he would win his 8th Gold.

Do you know what else the number '17' for August 17th stands for.


Tonight Michael Phelps could become immortalized. No doubt his amazingly fortunate <a 27/9 current name has already helped him in his quest. And so has his creative imagination.

Last night Mark Spitz called Phelps' win ‘epic.' I agree. Phelps said, ‘The biggest thing I've been thankful for is I've been able to use my imagination.' That is a quote to remember. Never underestimate the power of your creative imagination – it sets everything in motion.

What do you think activates your numbers in YOUR favor. It's your imagination. Just like Michael Phelps activated the fateful 16/7 in his favor last night. That was something to behold.

As far as I'm concerned, tonight is the biggest night of the Olympic Games and that's coming from a gymnastics lover mind you. Enjoy.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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