Why Obama Is Speaking Tonight

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  Maybe you've heard that Barack Obama has bought 30 minutes of air-time on five major networks tonight. I learned about this yesterday.

Doesn't surprise me. He is loaded with donations and knows how important the final days going into an election can be.

So what about his choice of today's date 10.29.2008.

Right away I notice the number 29. Obama's Life Purpose is 29/11. Add up the digits for the month and day and you get 12/3. The exact same Essence Number Obama has. Finally the whole date adds up to 22/4. The same as Obama's current Personal Year.

Wow, that's a triple whammy. Meaning his Personal Year, Life Purpose and his two 12/3s – Essence and Personality Numbers – are lit up today. And so far we've only touched on the Universal cycles.

As for his personal cycles – things get even more interesting.

As I said he's in a 22/4 Year and that ties directly into his 4 Day of Birth. Doubling the 4 energy can signify destined and fateful events.

October 2008 is a 23/5 Personal Month for Obama. He can expect surprises and changes this month. He'll feel like taking risks. In some ways, this 30-minute paid speech could be seen as taking such a risk.

Finally, Obama's Personal Day for tonight's speech is 34/7. That immediately caught my eye.

When it comes to important dates, the Personal Day number has a big influence.

Now, to show you why this 34/7 got my attention – it activates many of the 7s we've seen in the last few weeks. Here are some examples.

The 777 and 7 percent drop on Wall Street.

Colin Powell and Joe Biden's cryptic forecasts for an Obama Presidency coming exactly 16/7 days before the Election.

The election itself on a 16/7 Day.

The two dates Powell mentioned for this crisis – one of which, January 22, 2009, adds up to 16/7.

And finally the name ‘President Obama,' is a 52/7 current name making a direct connection to the 16/7 date Election Day adds up to.

Obama's ‘closing remarks' speech tonight, on the 29th of October, shows yet again how active your personal numbers are in your life – whether you know it or not.

As for you, the name you are using is a great indicator of how your life is going. For one, your current name number shows what kind of challenges you may be having. An unfortunate number usually creates obstacles. A fortunate number activates your gifts with ease and gives you the tools to prosper.

So be sure you have a fortunate name.
Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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