Claire can't wait to wear her mermaid costume for Halloween. She's happy every day to school, see her new friends and play.

I love being around her. She is a reminder that life is good.

Over the next three months the world will be an interesting place to live in. A change was activated in September, a 1 Month in the first 9-year cycle of the century.

We are in a transition period that is activating 2008 – 2012.

In many ways, the chickens are coming home to roost. Between OJ Simpson's impending verdict – 13 years to the day he was found not guilty in 1994 – and Wall Street-Washington shenanigans, many events unfolding now attest the power of this cycle. Politics too will be turned undergoing a major change during the Election.

Let's look at October, 2008, an 11 Universal Month.

You have a choice in an 11 Universal Month to buy into divisiveness and judgment of others – or to see the big picture, release your pre-judgments and walk through that 11 gateway as a sovereign, free being.

What better time than now, weeks before a big election, to practice these qualities.

Another reason October's 11 is important is that it forecasts 2009 – an 11 Universal Year. So we're getting a preview of sorts.

11, of course, is a master number. The question now is, What is being mastered. There'll be a part of the world, government and otherwise, that will use coming events to divide. One of the favorite tools of division is to instill fear. Often this is accomplished with blame.

Yet, the sun is still rising here in Arizona and everywhere else. And that is where the wonderful quality of an 11 cycle comes into play.

If there's any time to look INSIDE and see the optimism and the opportunities available to you, it is now.

Since the world is also in a 1 year – 2008 adds up to 10/1 –  and since October is symbolized by the number 10/1, everything feels like we're breaking new ground. Whenever new ground is broken there's a temptation to hang onto old ways, old patterns, old habits.

You're being asked to let go of your old solutions and acquire new tools. We're living in a changing world.

One of the main shifts happening during this new nine-year cycle is for you to really listen and act on your intuitive hunches. So decisions you're making must include your gut feelings.

Obviously listening to Wall Street bankers and politicians isn't working.

I have learned to listen only to people I want to emulate and who support my goals. And I also made sure I have a fortunate name.

Without a good name, life will be more challenging. Activate your Destiny and peace of mind.

With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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