This morning after exercising I turned on a cable news channel for 5 minutes and happened on a story about Senator Ted Stevens.

With his federal grand jury indictment on July 29 and his guilty verdict on all 7 counts four days ago, I looked at his blueprint. I'm amazed as usual at what his numbers show.

Stevens was born on the 18th. It's likely he has been deceived from his friends and enemies and that he's made m'oney through conflict.

But these possibilities would be greatly dissipated with a fortunate name.

 ‘Ted Stevens' adds up to 44/8 just like ‘Hillary Clinton.' On top of that he has another prominent 8 – a 26/8 Life Purpose Number. Interestingly, Hillary Clinton was born on the 26th.

First notice how powerful and wealthy both of them are. That is one benefit to having a couple of major 8s.

Unfortunately, if one of those 8s is your current name, life is pretty certain to get challenging. Most recently, Hillary's obstacle was Barack and some of her husband's campaigning. Ted Stevens' obstacle was his own dishonesty about campaign donations.

There's another important part of his equation.

Stevens' Destiny Number is 93 and reduces to 12/3. The 3 gives him gifts of eloquence and magnetism. On the other hand, 12 is the ‘victim' and ‘victimizer' number.

Here's why this number is important right now. Ted Stevens is in a 21/3 Personal Year. So he's fully activating his Destiny Number in 2008. I'm sure he's feeling like a victim. Otherwise he wouldn't have plead ‘not guilty' in July.

Not only that, in October he's currently in a 22/4 Personal Month.

Why is this important. Because the numbers 4 and 8 have a magnetic and fateful relationship with each other which is unlike any other numbers.

The double digit 22 also asks him to master something. The 2s symbolize cooperation and peace. The 4 is about manifestation and order. So this month Senator Stevens is being confronted with situations asking him to put in order his relationships and to cooperate while doing so. 22 cycles always ask you to master your emotions.

Finally, October 27, the day he was found guilty on seven counts, was a 31/4 Personal Day for the Alaskan Senator. This double 4 ties directly into the two 8s in his Personal Blueprint.

This is why I tell clients who have a prominent 4 or 8 in their birthday to try to avoid really big events on 4 or 8 days.

Would I suggest the Senator respell his name. Absolutely. It would help him tremendously.

My advice to Ted Stevens is this. Change spelling of your name to ‘Ted Stephens.' The benefits will be incredible. This new spelling transforms the number from 44/8 to a 15/6 – one of the most fortunate vibrations anyone could have.

The same goes for you. Prepare for a positive future by making sure your current name is fortunate.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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