of emails arrived in my inbox after Friday's Balloon Boy story. Without
exception all of them asked, did I see that the Heene Family address added up
to 16?


No, I didn't watch TV as the event unfolded on
Thursday. But isn't that amazing. Not only does the little boy ‘Falcon Heene'
have a 16 current name number. His dad, ‘Richard Heene' does as well. And now
we find the address of their home is 16.


How appropriate that the supposed hoax involved
a child that may have fallen from a helium balloon. Since, according to the
ancient Chaldeans, 16 is a metaphor for ‘falling from a high place.'


One other numerological clue. It was on Friday
that the doubts about the Heene family started to surface. Friday was October


Now Richard Heene is faced with paying for the
extensive expenses incurred during that wild goose chase to find Falcon.


Even more damaging is that Richard Heene has
lost all credibility – falling from a high place of massive media attention,
which he so craved, to a man charged with lying and conspiring to mislead.


Here we truly see the negative attraction that
comes from a current name that adds up to 16 and also happens to be coupled
with a 16/7 address. Sudden events, often rising to a ‘high place', then sudden
disgrace or loss.


Remember, President Lincoln was the 16th
President. He also had a 16/7 current name.


It's vital to remember that we're living in a
time where lies will not lie hidden and forgotten. The cycle which began in
2008, a 10/1 Universal Year that continues through 2016, a 9 Universal Year –
is a cleansing, clearing cycle. Secrets and lies WILL be exposed during this 9
-year universal cycle.


This not only goes for us personally, but
entities like corporations and nations as well.


The time for growth – spiritual, mental and
material – is exponential as well. There has never been a better time for
accessing and applying all the truths that set you free.


This is why it's such an exciting time to be


In 2009 we're all experiencing the second year
of the first full 9-year cycle of the 21st century. For the ancient
Egyptians 21 stood for ‘The Truth Will Set You Free.'


As it goes with any shift, change is inevitable.
Change of attitude and change of perception.


So expect more and more big and small stories
like this to emerge. Let each new truth activate positive energy in your life.


Additionally, during this time of change, be
sure your name is fortunate and is not placing obstacles and challenges in your
way. With a positive mindset, your fortunate name will attract wonderful
synchronicities and opportunities.


Get your ‘Is My Name Fortunate?' report here.


Warm Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. The number of your address and the city you
in have a big effect on your life too. Check to see if your home is
supporting you.

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