Newsflash: If you haven't heard, Carrie Prejean was fired from her job as Miss California.

In the past weeks  Prejean has appeared all over the news due to an answer she gave in April at the Miss USA pageant. She came in second that evening but has garnered far more attention than most winners of the pageant could ever dream of.

There's a reason her story is still being covered weeks later.

It all began on April 19, 2009 thanks to a question by Perez Hilton. Prejean's answer caused a media frenzy and some say, cost her the crown.

On that day two of Carrie Prejean's important numerology birth numbers were activated. What were they? April was a 6 Personal Month for her and the 19th a 7 Personal Day.

Amazingly the number 6 is about parenting, family and home, and number 7 symbolizes spirituality and religion.

Very fitting, considering the nature of the controversy.

In case you hadn't heard, Hilton asked Prejean about her views on same-seks marriage (yes, I did misspell that on purpose). His question literally activated both her 6 Destiny Number and 7 Life Purpose Number and the very essence those numbers symbolize.

The media frenzy that followed Miss Prejean after that evening has much to do with – her name.

“Carrie Prejean” adds up to 14 – the MEDIA Number.
This means, if she has an opportunity to be in the public eye, the media will lavish attention on her.

Doesn't matter if the topic is controversial of not – her Media Number name WILL attract attention.

Look at Ann Coulter. Her name also adds up to 14 in the ancient
Chaldean system I use for your current name. Coulter's success as an
author and commentator thrives on being controversial.

Carrie Prejean shares the ‘Media Number' name with several other high
profile Hollywood celebrities and politicians, as you'll see in this

So if the former Miss California 2009 plays her cards well, her career as a media personality is a given.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
Celebrity Numerologist

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