You may have never heard of Canadian
skater Joannie Rochette.


Canada's top figure skating hope,
Rochette suddenly faces enormously trying emotional times. On Sunday, she
received the devastating news that her mother passed away of a heart attack.


Yesterday it was announced that
Rochette still intends to compete.


Her mother Therese had flown in
with Joannie's father and friends to watch her daughter on her quest to reach
the podium in the coveted ladies' figure skating event which takes place
Tuesday and Thursday.


It made me realize how much
pressure can be on the Parents of these elite athletes.


Fortunately Joannie's mom was able
to watch her daughter practice on the Olympic rink on Sunday before she died.


With Joannie's decision to compete
and the anticipation of an intense rivalry between two other skaters, this event
will be an emotional and athletic highlight of the Games.


That's because the world is also
about to meet South Korean figure skating superstar, Kim Yu-Na.


I've followed figure skating since
I was young. And I have never seen a skater as gifted athletically AND
artistically as Yu-Na.


yu-na kim.jpg

She is the overwhelming favorite
for the Olympic Gold medal. Last year Kim won her first world title – where
Joannie came in second – in the most dominating fashion ever. She became the
first woman to break the 200-point barrier.


Hailed as a national treasure in
South Korea, Kim is more popular than any other person in her home country. She
has to hire two full-time bodyguards when traveling at home. Her coach, the
Canadian two-time Olympic silver-medalist Brian Orser, says it's like she is a
rock star.


Already Kim Yu-Na is ranked by Forbes
as the top earning Winter Olympian alongside snowboarder Shaun White, after she
made $8 million last year.


Imagine hundreds of photographers
following her everywhere she goes. Over 300 met her when she arrived on Friday.


It's no wonder Kim has been
training the last four years in Toronto instead of South Korea. Watch her
beauty, strength and grace on the ice this week. As with Michelle Kwan, Kim's
charisma, athleticism and joy transcend all cultures.


Yu-Na's artistic sense is natural.
She is also a singer – confident enough to sing in many of her TV ads and
during ice shows.


like her coach Brian Orser in 1988 – with the ‘Battle of the Brians' against
Brian Boitano – Kim Yu-Na also faces a familiar rival.


mao 2.jpg

Mao Asada.


Japanese phenom will attempt several triple axels, the only woman to do so.


Kim and
Asada have been trading titles in an intense but friendly rivalry since their
junior days.


they were BOTH born in September, 1990.


1990 adds
up to 19/10/1, a number of fortune and leadership. Mao Asada's Destiny Number
is also 19/10/1. And 2010 is a 19/10/1 Personal Year for her.


Asada's Personal
Day Numbers on Tuesday and Thursday activate either her Life Purpose or
Destiny. These are awesome numbers for her. So I believe Asada will rise to the


Kim Yu-Na
has fantastic numbers as well. Amazingly, February is a 19/10/1 Personal Month
for her.


And, like Mao Asada, Kim activates both her Life Purpose and Destiny Numbers on
both days. Plus she is in a powerful 17/8 Personal Year.


In fact,
the numbers for both Kim and Asada are so good, it's going to be very, very
exciting to watch.


As for Joannie Rochette, she
definitely has a chance at a medal. Joannie is in an 8 Personal Year and
Thursday is a 17/8 Personal Day for her. This means Joannie will create
something on the ice that will be memorable.


After all, 17/8 is the Immortality


8 symbolizes strength, leadership
and overcoming obstacles. So the good news for Joannie is that the double 8
gives her the support and stamina she so needs right now.


Tomorrow when the short program
takes place and Joannie is seen for the first time since her mother's sudden death,
she will be experiencing a 15/6 Personal Day. This is an emotional number of
love, family, health and compassion.


It will be a cathartic moment
during these Olympic Games.


The good will and raw emotions for
Rochette will rock the arena. Very few will be able to hold back tears.


I wish Joannie all the best as she
goes for her dream and begins the healing process.


This event will encapsulate the 3
Universal Year and 5 Universal Month we are all experiencing – numbers of
celebration, unexpected events, risk and high drama.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


California Fault lines.jpg


of numbers 3 and 5,

I'm keeping my eyes on California
all year long. This state is in a 3 Personal Year and a 5 Personal Month in
February. And the U.S. is in a 14/5 Year and 16/7 Personal Month right now – a
recipe that can attract sudden events and media attention.

If you live there, be prepared for a major earthquake at any time, both in northern and southern California. Keep in mind this is only a warning, since I don't predict earthquakes.


See my recent blog entries and videos
for more details.

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