Obama's 50th.pngAs many keep reminding me, we are in a Mercury retrograde until later this month.

What I tell them in return is that August is a 12/3 Universal Month. 3 cycles ARE about the unexpected – including delays, signified by Mercury retrogrades.

And since the 3 is sandwiched between a 4 Universal Year during the 8th month of the year, well – you'll feel a push and pull between discipline and emotional release all month long.

The tension generated by this recipe of numbers gives you a great opportunity to manifest your happiness – the keyword for the number 3. So think about what brings you most joy in life and create opportunities that enable you to walk through the gateway of your choice.

Embrace all unexpected events this month. See each as an opportunity for positive change.

In fact, change will be the keyword for us all for the foreseeable future.

Even for the President of the United States, who, for the next year will embody change in a major way.

Yesterday was President Obama's 50th Birthday.

5 is the pivot point number of risk, adventure, freedom – change.

On his 50th Birthday the President entered a powerful 16/7 Personal Year.

16/7 is another ‘expect the unexpected' frequency, activating the ‘lightning bolt of intuition' and sudden shifts in his life.

Notice that on his birthday on 8.4.2011, it was a 16/7 Universal Day as well, and the stock market shifted dramatically. For Obama, all year will be symbolized by change of direction, new approaches and sudden events.

It is interesting to note that he will be 50/5 years old for most of 2012 – a 5 Universal Year.

This is no coincidence.

What secrets do the AstroNumerology cycles reveal for next year? How will the extraordinary recipe of numbers manifest in 2012? For you – and the world?

Understanding the 2012 Code will change your life. Especially during the Gateway weekend that begins on 11.11.11.

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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