So many news stories are coming at us right now. It's challenging even digesting all that is happening worldwide.

The intensity of this shift will only continue to grow.

In the midst of all the change and news, I noticed two stories that came out side by side.

Kara Kennedy.png

I read about Kara Kennedy and Eleanor Mondale passing away just hours apart this weekend, Kara was the daughter of the late Senator Ted Kennedy and Eleanor Mondale the daughter of former Vice President Walter Mondale.

What immediately caught my attention is that both women were 51-years of age.

Then I discovered they also shared the number 27/9 as their Life Purpose.

Additionally, both ‘Kara Kennedy' and ‘Eleanor Mondale' have challenging current name numbers.

Their shared numerology in both life and death paints a clear picture of passion and a great humanitarian spirit. 27/9 wants to lead by example. In its highest form, the number 9 symbolizes a teacher of Wisdom. Just notice the large head at the top of 9 – these people are natural leaders with big ideas.

As I spent more time with each of their numerological cycles I saw yet another correlation:

Amazingly, Kara Kennedy and Eleanor Mondale were not only both 51 years old but also experiencing a 15 Personal Year.

Having two numbers juxtaposed in this way – 51 and 15 – is what I call a ‘mirror reversal'. Mirror reversals create a major magnification. When a mirror reversal and identical Life Purpose Number occur in two famous political daughters at the same time, there is a major message for us all.

First, 15 and 51 reduce to 6, the number of compassion, art, family, home and responsibility. People with a 6 in their birth blueprints are natural nurturers and teachers and have to be mindful of taking care of their own needs as well.

51 symbolizes the warrior and 15 the spiritual alchemist.

These numbers indicate that both Eleanor and Kara were big-hearted, strong, passionate and highly sensitive emotionally.

Their lives would not have been easy, as both women had challenging current names.

Eleanor Mondale.png

‘Eleanor Mondale', a radio/television host and actress, is a 12/3 current name. This means she was often confronted with feeling like a victim.



Kara Kennedy's name resonates to 15/6 – the same as her Personal Year Number right now. For most people a 15 name is highly fortunate, but for Kara, who has an 8 as one of her important birth numbers, a 15 will attract fateful events.

In other words, combining a 15 current name with an 8 or 4 birth number (or vice versa) activates challenges. This fateful recipe was triggered especially during her 15 Personal Year.

Your current name number is SO important because it reveals how easy or difficult it will be for you to implement the gifts in your birth numbers.

When your name is challenging – you attract difficult events and people into your life.

A fortunate name attracts support and opportunities. It is up to you as to how you leverage what comes your way. Just know that you will have a much easier time when you feel supported by a fortunate name.

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Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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