On Saturday morning I woke up, showered and checked the news. Not usually my routine, but Saturday was different.

I wanted to know whom Obama chose to be his running mate.

Turns out he wants someone who has more foreign policy experience. I guess his thinking makes sense. Especially since  former Soviet republic Georgia went to war with Russia on 8.8.08 and the conflict with Iran is intensifying. The Middle East could very well be in the forefront right around the Election. Obama knows John McCain is perceived as being stronger when it comes to foreign policy.

So what do the numbers say about an Obama-Biden ticket?

Let's begin with how Obama unveiled his VP choice. It ends up telling a riveting story.

After weeks of speculation, Obama sent a text message to his supporters announcing Joe Biden as his running mate. It happened at 3am on Friday night. Then both of them made their first joint appearance at a big rally in front of 35,000 supporters on Saturday. The time – 12 hours later at 3pm EST.

In a minute you'll see why these numbers all figure into the Obama-Biden story.

As for Joe Biden's personal numbers, what's fascinating is that he has the same Destiny Number as current Vice President Dick Cheney – 98/17 which reduces to 8.

In many ways, Obama's choice of Biden harkens back to current President Bush's choice of a more experienced Dick Cheney.

And for Biden, this number also creates a strong bond with Barack Obama whose current name adds up to 17/8. 17/8 is referred to as the ‘Immortality Number.

Both Biden and Obama also share the number 4. Remember the 4 and 8 are magnetically attracted to each other – and Obama and Biden have one of each.

Additionally, Joe Biden has two 20s in his blueprint. This connects him with Barack's 29/11 Life Purpose. Reduce the number 11, and you end up with the number 2. Do the same with the number 20 you get a 2 as well. 2 is the number of diplomacy. It shows Biden can reach across the aisle and make his case.

What concerns me though are the following repeated numbers in Both Biden's and Obama's blueprints.

Joe Biden has a 12/3 Personality Number. This gives him an ability as a speaker and communicator of ideas. Something he's known for. However, Biden's 12 is activated in another more important section of his blueprint.

His current name ‘Joe Biden' is also a 12/3.

That's not great. You see, 12 is also referred to by numerologists as the ‘Victim' number. And when I see a 12 twice – and one of the numbers is the ‘current name' – a red flag goes up.

You may recall that Joe Biden has run twice for the Democratic nomination for President. First in 1988 and 20 years later in 2008. Both times he was not successful. Note that in 1988 he was in a 3 Personal Year – thus activating his double 12 vibration.

I'm not saying Joe Biden will keep Barack Obama from winning the election. Former Vice President ‘Al Gore' also had a 12 name and he didn't keep Bill Clinton from winning. But Biden won't help Obama either. And he may inadvertently cause some challenges for the Democratic Presidential Candidate.

Here's why.

Biden's Double 12 mirrors the double 12 in Obama's blueprint. Yes, Barack Obama has two 12s as well.

This is where it gets interesting.

When a number appears twice in any blueprint it is intensified. When it appears twice in two blueprints of two men who are in a close relationship, two things happen. It is doubly intensified And you get a mirroring effect.

As for how these double 12s will affect both men during the upcoming election, nothing's for sure. However, by choosing Biden, Obama has activated a double challenge – the fateful 4 and 8 connection I mentioned earlier, AND the double 12. In combination all these numbers can cause obstacles.

Back to the timing of his announcements. This is where the subconscious effect all numbers on your life becomes crystal clear.

Obama's 3 am text message to his supporters was followed by a 3pm rally 12 hours later. Do you see the numbers in action now. Every part of his announcement put activated the number 12/3.

Plus, August is a 30/3 Personal Month for Senator Obama. This will certainly help him at this week's convention, since 3 is the number of self-expression and uplifting others. Perfect for his big speech.

Yet his 3 cycle this month directly ties into the double 12/3 as well.

And the day of his VP announcement? Well it came on a 35/8 Personal Day for Obama, tying in directly with the 35,000 people who welcomed him and Joe Biden in Illinois on Saturday. It also activated his 17/8 current name.

You can see how vital it is to know the meaning of your own personal Numbers. They are activated all the time. Without you even realizing it.

Showing yet again, that numbers are vibrations – they are influencing our lives and help to shape our destiny – whether we are aware of them or not.

Being aware of your personal numbers is very important and so is making sure you have a good name to support those numbers. A fortunate name will reward you with surprisingly ‘lucky' events that strengthen your inner confidence and bring about your destiny quickly and easily.

So be sure you have a fortunate name.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

P.S. If you don't know your own personal numbers then invest in your Personal Numerology Blueprint. This document is life-changing. For a short time it also includes your ‘Is My Name Fortunate' report as a gift. So find out what your numbers say about your destiny Now.

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