Legendary actress and singer Julie Andrews may be given her
4-octave voice back.


She's expected to be one of
the first people in the world to have the procedure after surgery left her
vocal chords scarred years ago.


I had a look at her upcoming
cycles. If the new surgery to have man-made tissue injected into her voicebox
occurs next year, the possibility for success is great.


That's because Julie Andrews
will be in a 5 Personal Year.


It's a great cycle for her
since her Destiny Number – showing how her career will play out – is 77 and
that number reduces to 5.


So her Destiny will be on the
forefront next year – what better way to showcase her career than for her
golden vocal chords to receive a second chance.


Also, Julie Andrews was born
on the 1st.  And numbers
1, 5 and 7 form a trilogy. So any cycle activating these numbers will be
especially powerful for her.


You may have noticed that
Andrew's 77 Destiny also reduces to 14.


This is highly significant.
First of all 77 is a Master Number. Andrews certainly has shown amazing mastery
in her gifts. She shares this Destiny with another great performer who has
mastered her craft – Meryl Streep.


Fittingly, number 14
represents media.


Julie Andrews has been in the
media spotlight her whole adult life. The same goes for Meryl Streep.


The recent news about the
possibility Andrews may have her old voice back comes during a 13/4 Personal
Year for Andrews. 13 personal cycles cover unexpected events and
transformation. The number 4 also triggers her 20/2 Life Purpose – since both 2
and 4 are in the 2-4-8 trilogy.


You could say, she's found
new reasons to live this year.


It would be wonderful if we
could hear Julie Andrews again – even in her 70s. With her numbers, she has a
great chance to do just that


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