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Enormous financial fortunes can
now be generated at a very young age.


Facebook strikes again with the
two youngest billionaires in the world – Mark Zuckerberg and Dustin Moskovitz.
Both are only 26 years old and born 8 days apart.


They have a powerful number in
common too.


‘Mark Zuckerberg' and ‘Dustin
Moskovitz' BOTH add up to 10 in the Ancient Chaldean system I use for current


10 is one of those numbers that
carries an asterisk. This is because 10 names create ‘Instant Manifestation'.
So, if your outlook tends to be more negative, I don't recommend this current
name number for you. However, if you see your life as an open-ended series of
opportunities, the world is your oyster when your current name adds up to 10.


The power for manifesting
your creative ideas into reality is truly remarkable with a 10. If you can
envision it, it will materialize. However, using your wisdom is key, since the
creation WILL manifest, whether positive or challenging.


Since 10 also symbolizes
Love and Light, many famous people with a 10 current name are either loved and
admired, or deeply resented.


For example ‘Ted Turner',
‘Jane Fonda', ‘Bill Clinton', ‘Karl Rove', ‘Mitt Romney', and ‘Ayatollah
Khomeini' have all created their political, material or religious empires with
10 names. They have been loved – or not. There is no middle ground between
honor and dishonor.


Other celebrities with
Instant Manifestation names who have manifested great success are ‘Reese Witherspoon',
‘David Archuleta', ‘Susan Sarandon', and ‘John Travolta'.


Back to the youngest
Billionaires. There are three more in their 20's.


Scott Duncan at 27 is heir
to an oil empire. His name resonates to the highly fortunate 45/9.


Albert von Thurn und Taxis
is also 27 and carries a highly fortunate 50/5 name.


Eduardo Saverin.png

Finally, here  is the interesting story of another Facebook
founder, Eduardo Saverin. He is the only young billionaire on the list with a
challenging name.


Saverin, who is 29, left
Facebook in a legal dispute. In the movie ‘The Social Network' he was portrayed
has the one-time best friend of Mark Zuckerberg's who then betrayed him.


Isn't it interesting then,
that Saverin's name resonates to 16/7.


16 current names symbolize
a person or entity with a crown on his or her head reaching the top, only to be
‘struck by lightning' and fall from a high place.


Eduardo Saverin and Mark Zuckerberg
were buddies at Harvard where they started Facebook together. Saverin had a
third stake in the company, which fell to 30 percent once Zuckerberg's roommate
Dustin Moskovitz joined. When Zuckerberg and Moskovitz dropped out of Harvard
and moved to California, Saverin stayed behind.


A year later, Facebook sued
Saverin for supposedly interfering with the company and insisting on keeping
his 30 percent stake. Eduardo Saverin counter-sued and settled for a 5 percent


His 16/7 current name shows
how he reached the pinnacle of success only to ‘fall' and start over again.
This will be a recurring pattern throughout Saverin's life, unless he changes
the spelling of his current name.


Whatever your goals may be,
the name you carry with you defines HOW your life unfolds.


A fortunate name allows
your life to flow much more effortlessly and without resistance while your
reach your goals quickly and have support from events and people around you. A
challenging name attracts obstacles and slows down the process.


So, the first step for anyone is
always to check your current name and make sure it is a fortunate spelling.


Check your current name here.





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