spring-flowers-pink-prettyHave you been trying to access that secret code to success for a few years now?

Well, this month the force is with you!

Today a fantastic 10/1 Code kicks off across both the astrology numerology spectrum to begin March.

  • March 1, 2014 adds up to an 11 Universal Date.
  • March is a 10/1 Universal Month.
  • The New Moon (new beginnings) on March 1 at 10/1 degrees!

That's a super strong “start fresh NOW” message to just GO for it.

Make a declaration. Take note of your inner voice revealing your NEXT steps of purpose. Define and describe your idea.

Life takes off when you choose it to. It's as simple as that.


Think, speak and act as the powerful creator you ARE. You literally create yourself anew in every single moment!

Do you want your life to take off?

Change your idea about it first! 

Life takes off for you when YOU show up to create it. Choose to do so today, as the universe energetically takes you where you've secretly yearned to go.

FIRST you must know what your personal code reveals about YOUR purpose.

It’s all written in your secret code – your purpose, your gifts, your destiny and the map to the future. You were born with an energetic message that describes your mission. Take on your mission and you take away the pain!

Stop procrastinating. Stop protesting.

It's only prolonging the pain.

Click here to discover the profound messages in your code.

Change your vision about yourself, and you change the outcome.

Love and fulfillment,


P.S. There’s more to your name and birthday than you can EVER imagine. Every day is an opportunity to activate your birth promise. Embrace your code and change your life!

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