For most of us, what we are doing precedes what we are being. That is to say, we have figured out how to get somewhere before we know where we’re going.

Like a ship without sails, we move directionless towards an uncertain future.

We don’t really know what we want to create, and so our life feels like we have not accomplished much.

More often than not, society takes the decision-making process of what we ought to be out of our hands. We listen to others – parents, teachers, our culture – for our direction. Sooner or later we feel disgruntled and eventually, powerless.

2012 is the 5 Universal Year of Pivot Points, Change, Choices, Decisions and FREEDOM. The time has come to step into Who You Are.

The only reason for being alive is movement. We are constantly in a state of transformation. In order to keep moving we make choices of where to move towards. Our innate freedom to choose the direction of our life is the greatest gift we have.

However, our movements are often not based on answers from within, but making sense of what we have been taught and told about ourselves by others.

To get clear about your purpose in life, you have to declare it.

Write it down. Work through your resistance. Release your fears of stepping into Who You Are.

You are creating your very own “Declaration of Independence.”

Instead of figuring out what to DO in order to fulfill your purpose, forget for a moment about the “hows”. Your authentic self is deciding what she wishes to BE, not DO. Why do you think we are called Human BEINGS?

Yet, if you look around, you mostly see Human DOINGS.

People running around Doing everything they possibly can to be happy. But are they happy? Are they BEING happy before they start doing something to fulfill this their purpose?

The answer is mostly, “no, not really.”

You are in a state of Being when your body unconsciously starts moving in the direction you have chosen to BE.

Simply put, your body, “does” what the mind thinks. The question, especially this year, is – where does your mind take it’s cues from? Is it your ego or is it your soul? There is a big difference. Either way – and the choice is yours – your subconscious mind takes cues that automatically point you in the direction you have chosen to be in.

So the essential issue in 2012 is – what have you chosen to BE? If you focus on HOW you’re going to accomplish your goals before you have decided what you want to be, you will mostly be living an ego-centric life. Do you know that you have made this choice time and time again, not realizing what you were doing? And now that you know that this is the case, are you willing to step into your Power and choose what you feel is your TRUE purpose?

What are you to BE?

Imagine already Being what you want to become. Imagine feeling completely at peace with your life the way you want it to be. Imagine you are happy Now.

Now take this imagination of yours, this creative force and BE it. FEEL the sensation of happiness, of abundance, of peace and of love. Feel at One with how you wish to be.

Let me warn you, this will frighten some people in your life. People are not used to others feeling good!

They get suspicious. Because they are still on the Doing treadmill. Figuring it all out in their minds before their hearts are engaged in the process of Living. Usually, our hearts don’t catch up, but are left behind.

So take that leap of faith now and choose what you want to BE. For your sake, and for the sake of your loved ones.

You will never regret discarding your precious ego for your soul. Your SOUL is where YOU truly reside.

When you choose to BE your authentic self…

…Your Doing is in complete alignment with how you are Being!

…You are living free, independently and as a sovereign BEING, having fully embraced the sacred meaning of the number 5.

…You feel happy, prosperous, at peace, enlightened and nourished.

Stop what you are doing… and just BE.

You will never regret embracing your soul’s true purpose.

Many Blessings,



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  1. Natalia Love March 17, 2012 at 2:03 am - Reply

    Brilliant! Thank you Tania!

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