Your full name has many numbers in it. If a number appears two or more times, it represents a specific strength and ability.
The number that is MOST repeated in your name signifies your field of expertise or special talent.
You could say this talent has a power all its own. The number it vibrates to instills a strong desire in you to express that particular ability. In fact, the talent demands that you express it and experience it as part of you and live according to its nature.
Your Hidden Passion or Intensity Number shows up in your personality and guides your life.
What’s fascinating to note is that certain numbers repeat more depending on what culture your name comes from. For example, Northern European names, based on Germanic languages including English, still dominate in the U.S. As a result, the Hidden Passion or Intensity Number in many American and Northern European names is 5, as seen in the letters E, N and W.
5 is about people, freedom, and change. U.S.A. and America have a 5 Destiny Vibration.
On the other hand, Southern European names based on the Latin languages and Muslim names often have a number 1 Intensity, because the letters A and S predominate. 1 reflects individualism and tolerance for all things unconventional. The 1 Hidden Passion likes to be noticed. Many great athletes have this Intensity. When it is expressed negatively the result is aggressiveness and violence.
Lets look at someone who actually changed his Intensity from 5 to 1 when he took on a new name.
Kareem Abdul Jabbar was born with the name Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor. His birth name has a very strong 5 Hidden Passion, with six 5s represented in total.
When he changed his name to Kareem Abdul Jabbar he took on a 1 Hidden Passion – five 1s, with the 2 coming a close second – 4 2s. It goes without saying that Jabbar liked to stand out and be the first in everything he did on the court. He was voted Most Valuable Player in the NBA six times. He was capable of influencing and even dominating others – the hallmark of a great athlete-warrior.
Having those four 2s makes him very intuitive and able to clearly communicate with his co-workers and his teammates.
By changing his name, Kareem subconsciously took on the special qualities of his new numbers. That’s how powerful the numbers in your name are.
What name are you using? How is it influencing your life right now? Unveiling what your name’s letters reveal about you is the first step to total inner freedom. Everything you wanted to know about who you are and where you’re heading is revealed in your name.
Go and get your life story now.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French
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