On this wintry and snowy day I
have created two must-see videos for you. They reveal how much internal power
you have to make changes this year. Power that extends to all facets of your
personal and professional life


You'll find out what the numbers
2011 really mean.


How will 2011 be expressed on
Earth and in world events?


Why is January, 2011 such an
important month?


What you think, feel and do will
have a more profound effect on you than ever. This year you will resonate deeply
and viscerally with your environment – and vice versa. One will immediately
affect the other. You will know that ALL is connected.


In the same way, what happens in
one part of the world will bring immediate results in other faraway locations.


In Video 2, see why January 2011 brings
together two opposite numbers that will generate amazing fireworks – both in your life and in the world.

Wishing you a Happy 2011!




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