diana nyad 1.pngIf endurance swimmer Diana Nyad had contacted me before scheduling her epic second attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida, I would have cautioned her against doing so.

Her numbers did not support smooth sailing a few days ago – for several reasons.

The 103-mile swim began on August 7 at 7:45 pm.

7:45 adds up to 16/7 on the 7th of August – that is already a dicey recipe because it sets up a great chance for sudden events. The sudden shift in winds, which were not forecast,

Nyad is also 61 years old. 61 is the reverse mirror of 16… magnifying this recipe even more.

Her equation is made even more intense by two additional numbers – 4 and 8.

Diana Nyad was born on the 22nd in the 49th year of the century. Both 22 and 49 reduce to 4. Furthermore, her full birthday, or Life Purpose Number, adds up to 35/8. So within her birthday she has a three-fold 4 and 8 relationship activated.

Nyad has attempted the 103-mile Cuba to Florida swim once before, on August 13 in 1978. Notice the 103/4 and 13/4 fateful connection once again.

Well, as it happens, August 7 in 2011 was a 31/4 Personal Day for Nyad.

It's actually not surprising Diana chose this date and route. With numbers 4 and 8 in her birthday she will naturally and magnetically keep attracting 4 and 8 dates, events and people – and distances – into her life.

When you add the 7s and 16/7 to the equation, Nyad's journey was an uphill battle from the minute she entered the ocean.

In a few days the 61-year-old swimmer will celebrate her birthday and begin a 16/7 Personal Year. It may take her a full year to recover emotionally and mentally from her attempted world record swim.

Notice how much media attention Nyad has received over the years. It comes as no surprise then that her current name, “Diana Nyad”, adds up to 14/5 – the Media Number.

diana nyad swimming.png

If she does try another swim, I would advise Nyad to wait until she turns 63 next August and enters a 17/8 Personal Year.

These numbers would be far more supportive of success – depending on the actual date of her potential swim.

Here's a great example of easier numbers in action during Nyad's last competitive swim.

At age 30 Diana swam 102 miles from the Bahamas to Florida. She began her journey on August 21.

All three numbers – 30, 102 and 21 – resonate to 3. This is a unique numerology equation:

3 times 3 – Perfection in Creation TRIPLED

3 x 3 = 9 symbolizing Culmination and Endings.

So she completed her final successful swim with a powerful, ancient recipe for success.

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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