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few months ago I made a major discovery. I realized we all have a special vibration
which I have named your Psychic Number.


When I say ‘psychic', I mean your intuitive hits
– flashes of insight that come from the heart.


Here's how this special number works in some
people we all know.


First, let's look at President Obama. His
Psychic Number is 12/3. So one major way he gets his intuitive flashes is when
he's standing in front of an audience. Expressing himself verbally in
conversation or on stage stimulates his psychic gifts.


This means he will feel incredibly connected
during these activities. Insights will emerge easily and without much effort.


Another aspect of this number shows me that
President Obama can access his intuition easily when he feels like he's
fighting for something. Being the ‘underdog' helps him to garner his focus – a
key ingredient to accessing your intuition.


Interestingly Angelina Jolie and Jennifer
Aniston have the same Psychic Number – 11/2.


This means their intuitive hits come in
lightning flashes. 11 is a very electrical vibration. They'll get insights at
the strangest times. In fact it's easy for them to tap into their resources.
That's because the number 11 is highly intuitive by nature.


Also, the number 2 shows both Aniston and Jolie can
access their intuition well when they are relating to others – having another
person to bounce off their ideas helps them tremendously.


Michael Jackson on the other hand needed his
freedom. His Psychic Number was 14/5. So crowds of people and the media would
have set off his intuitive hits. Also, he needed to be on his own terms,
physically active and flexible to receive.


Lance Armstrong's Psychic Number 18/9 shows he
must be in charge – Lance needs to be the leader of the pack to feel
intuitively connected. Interestingly his number also indicates that he may
thrive more during challenges, which can even be self-imposed.


There is a lot more to each of these Psychic


When I discovered mine, I started paying a lot
more attention to the environment that suits me best. I also began paying
attention what circumstances made me feel most ‘alive' and ‘in tune.'


Now I'm going to share what I found with you.


If you are interested in knowing how your
Psychic abilities are activated and under what circumstances you function at OPTIMUM
levels – you will want to know your Psychic Number.


Get your personal ‘My Psychic Number‘ report Now.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. Your Psychic Number is based on both your
birth certificate name and your birthday. It's the ‘missing link‘ in your

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