This morning we hear the tragic
news that Nelson Mandela's great granddaughter, Zenani Mandela, was killed.


Zenani was being driven home from
Soweto after a concert to open the World Cup in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her
driver was arrested for drunk driving.


When I looked at today's date and
her name, I knew there was a deeper significance to this tragic event.


Today is June 11.


The whole date – 6.11.2010 – adds
up to 11.


11 is the number ‘Zenani Mandela'
adds up to.


When a number is activated in this
way, it is sending a message. The Mandelas are royalty – literally and
figuratively. All these 11s indicate a fracture and division in South Africa.


Also, Zenani had just turned 13 on
Wednesday, beginning a major year of transformation.


Something else struck me in this
story. I found more connections with the number 11 in relation to the BP Oil
spill disaster in the Gulf.


11 people were killed when the blast occurred.


The Gulf of Mexico is the 11th largest body of water in the


The Destiny Number – or birth name – for BP is 110.


‘Deepwater Horizon' is an 11 current name.


11 indicates Division, as in Fissures and Fractures in the
Earth. With so many 11's activated, I now believe there is far more to this
story than what we are hearing and seeing on the news.


There is another number in play as well.


As you may recall, BP's logo is an 18 petal green and yellow


Zenani Mandela had just entered an 18 Personal Year – more
transition and transformation. 9 is the number of completion, release and
endings. 18 can indicate materialism wanting to destroy the spiritual side of
nature through social upheaval or war or the use of divisive tactics.


When you join the 11 and 18 together in a current event, the
outcome is very potent.


There is an underlying message in these two stories that is
very clear. We must be vigilant about trusting only our own intuition.
Especially when hearing the ‘news.'


Make sure you stay grounded and balanced. Use the color
violet to protect yourself and your loved ones.


If your name adds up to a challenging number, change it now.
A challenging name will bring you unnecessary obstacles. A fortunate name number
attracts helpful people and events to you.


For example, ‘Nelson Mandela' carries the 51 frequency – the
warrior number. He has benefitted from the sudden advancement this number
brings, but he has also suffered greatly. That is because 51 names bring
dangerous enemies as well.


So be sure the name you use is fortunate.

Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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