Such exciting news to share with you – Mars stations direct TODAY!

For two months Mars has been retrograding, so if you’ve needed more rest and felt less active, you’re going to be happy about the shift unfolding now.

Mars governs our energy, libido, and drive.

Mars also rules the first sign of ARIES, so it gets us energetically invested to start projects.

Beginning today, you’ll experience an urge to dive into something brand new…

And as Mars’ energy increases over the next two weeks, so will your sexual libido. Notice your CREATIVITY increase!

Mars ACTS on instinct.

Usually immediately.

And all that assertion and power needs to be channeled into something creative.

So dig into a juicy goal, something that awakens your sensuality – an activity you are deeply passionate about – and let your imagination soar…

Ambition increases when Mars moves forward, and so will your drive for success.

What’s also fabulous is that, Mars’ shift forward again coincides with a beautiful sextile between Mars and Chiron.

  • MARS symbolizes the masculine principle.
  • CHIRON represents love and healing.

So you’ll be motivated now to heal wounds, especially relating to your masculine side.

Fortunately right now, letting go of wounds or any lingering pain will really ENERGIZE you!

Mars  – joined positively with Chiron – opens up your heart so you feel naturally compassionate towards others which results in a profound yearning to end suffering and let go of past hurts.

You are invited to dive into what ignites your passion and make no excuses for thriving!

Dive in and thrive!

Also, amazingly… there’s an additional gift in play:

  • Mars’ change of direction happens at 28° – which reduces to 10/1.
  • August is a 19/10/1 Universal Month – a surge of fresh NEW opportunities!

Merging these two 10:10 and 1:1 codes double the impact of new beginnings, action and instant manifestation.

The universe has set you up to succeed.

Mars direct is an invitation toMake it happen!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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