We have a double treat of Aquarius adventure energy!

On July 23 in the Americas, July 24 Universal Time, the first of TWO Aquarius Full Moons at 1° will stimulate exploration and inspiration.

Aquarius’ connects us collectively and seeks to set us free individually.

The Sun will be at 1° Leo (opposite the Moon at 1° Aquarius) igniting passion and enthusiasm.

  • Aquarius Awakens.
  • Sun in Leo, Moon in Aquarius opens uncharted territories!

Also active is a gorgeous opposition between Venus and Jupiter.

Venus and Jupiter in any contact with each stimulate happiness, love, pleasure and gratitude.

You feel radiant!

And with Saturn slowly moving through Aquarius for the foreseeable future, you are extra motivated to create results that come through inspiration.

Joy and pleasure always accompany inspiration when it is manifested.

First comes the feeling of aliveness.

To experience this aliveness, you just have to notice what’s happening in the present moment without interpretation, having an opinion, judgment, belief or concept.

It sounds challenging, but all it takes is you shifting from being absorbed in your thoughts to noticing your thoughts.

  • Notice