Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 9.52.55 AMToday’s 29/11 Day and May’s 11 Universal Cycle are a reminder to us about this master number of creativity, originality and intuition.

11 reveals a profound story of separation vs. unity.

You have two 1s, which stand for two people, ideas or plans. They are either in opposition to each other – or unified and at one with the universe.

11 thrives when you and your goals or you and another are ‘as one’. If you enter into a state of competition or separation (for example fighting to be recognized) you are setting up an energetic force against something or someone.

Your creativity and intuition are stifled as a result

Recent studies have shown that the more we feel judged and work in competition with others by trying to please those who are judging us (including ourselves), the less creative we are.

11 represents two energies which join together as one – a harmonious relationships that honors and nurtures you and everyone as if they were you.

This takes a complete acceptance of another for who and what they are.

And it puts you in the creativity driver’s seat!

We do best creatively when we are not evaluated and judged. Fear of failure does not inspire us creatively.

Positive emotions expand and nurture your intuition. Feeling good about the task in front of you magnifies your perception. Joy expands your heart and mind by blending passion with focus – a magical recipe for Abundance.

On the other hand, your creativity is stifled when you are working towards a goal that is not aligned with your emotions.

That’s when the “shadow side” of the 11 allows you to experience division and incompletion. You have given your ego the power to take over your talking points. Ego allows you to experience yourself as separate from others.

Your ego thrives on a grand illusion – that your past, present and future are separate.

11 reminds us about timelessness.

NOW is forever. Now is the only moment that ever matters.

Now is a new opportunity for the number 11 to be active in your life. The two 1s stand as a gateway through which you step into the magnificent unknown. This is the only place where original creation leads to true abundance.

How do you get there?

By listening. Your intuition wants your attention.

Act on the divine feedback your heart constantly receives, and your mind translates.

2013 is a Universal Year of Abundance. Your prosperity is directly aligned with the creative expression of your divine gifts.

For the next crucial six months, you’ll want to pay close attention to the most important messages in your personal code. Listen to the feedback your astro-numerology code generates for you day after day.

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Align with your soul’s code now to magnify your joy and abundance!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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