LeapYearFebruary 29 is a Leap Day, a very special day that adds one day to the year (and an extra day in the mystical sign of Pisces)!

THIS year, it’s even more special:

  • February 29 is an 11
  • The month of February, 2016 is an 11 Universal Month (2 + 2+0+1+6 = 11)
  • February 29, 2016 combines two 11s to create the 11:11
  • And… 2.29.2016 is also an 22 Universal DATE.

The effect of all these Master Numbers heightens and really refines the energy today.

11 illuminates your world.

11:11 opens infinite portals into universal wisdom.

22, the Master Architect number, brings your plans into physical reality.

The refining of your senses into an extraordinary vessel of light is remarkable on this day.

Consider that the LAST time February was also an 11 month in a Leap year was in 1944!

The next time we’ll experience this powerful 11:11 Portal is in 2052…

2016, 1944 and 2052 are all 9 Universal Years.

Feelings are released, love is felt more deeply and your senses are more refined.

Not only are the extraordinary Master Numbers 11:11 and 22 activated on this special day, but the 366th leap day occuring in a 9 Universal Year triggers the 3-6-9 code of creation, expression and love.

  • 1944, the last time this code was active was 72 years ago – 72 is a 9.
  • 2052, the next time will be in 36 years – 36 is a 9.

You can see there is a profoundly sacred cosmic code being unveiled every time a Leap Year, invoking February 29, coincides with an 11 Universal Month for February!

9 reminds us that we are on the precipice.

It is the most mysterious of numbers, because, during any 9 cycle you must LET GO in order to welcome NEW BEGINNINGS.

So 9 is truly about HEALING.

We must let go of the past, represented by the final single digit 9, to free us of old, irrelevant, even dangerous programming, thought patterns and habits.

When space is cleared, we are open to experiencing miracles we could have never been receptive to before.

Clearing out requires that you open your HEART and be highly sensitive. As you evolve as a human BEING, as you share your heart and soul, you learn to understand and forgive.

This sensitivity and vulnerability is heightened by the number 2:

February’s 2nd month in the 2000s, and the numbers 11/2 and 22 all active, sensitivity, communication cooperation, partnership, balance, peace – merging of light and dark, feminine and masculine, movement and rest are the keys to experiencing bliss.

Isn’t it extraordinary that bothroot” numbers 2 and 9 are represented by the number for February 29?

How mysterious and miraculous the divine design of the universe is!

As you take time today to meditate and feel the beautiful energy of this profound Leap Day, remember how extraordinary life is.

Have a Blessed 29th of February!

Much Love,


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