New-Moon-in-Sagittarius-Our-New-Horizon-Every Eclipse has a major impact on your life that lasts at least Twelve Months. So deciphering each Eclipse Code helps us to understand where to place our attention for the greatest growth and abundance.

The March 20 11:11 ECLIPSE happened in an 11 Universal Month!

The AFTER-Effect of this powerful 11:11 Total Eclipse will leave an indelible impression on your life:

  • 11 is your intuitive tuning fork, where you TUNE IN to the love of the universe…
  • 11 is where you STEP THROUGH portal into NEW and surprising opportunities.
  • 11 adds up to 2 allowing you room to BRING BALANCE to all your intimate one-on-one relationships.

Always give yourself the gift of love and gratitude first. Make it happen for you. Joy in your life, opens up joy for others.

(Joy is not good for one person – and negative for another! Joy is – JOY!)

And loving yourself first is the key.

That means accepting this moment – stay with what you have now.

You don’t know how you’ll feel in a few days, tomorrow or in a few hours. Even in a few minutes! It’s not ever accessible to you.

This 11:11 Eclipse happens in the final 29th degree of Pisces. The Number 29 is a powerful “critical degree” in Astrology. 29 adds up to 11 in an 11 Universal Month – so the 11:11 critical degree factor is powerfully activated.

Pisces moves the mind from the mundane to the mystical. It transcends barriers and lifts the veil of consciousness. In the negative, Pisces can lead to escapism, boxing yourself into obsessions, nebulous vision and delusions.

Any time you get attached to pain, you loose all clarity.

When feelings of hurt overwhelm your system, you only have a very narrow perspective and you can’t see beyond the darkness.

You think have NO options in this darkness. That's an illusion!

You ALWAYS have options!

Here is an exercise you can do when you feel locked up in the darkness of pain:

1. Tell yourself to let go of the past. The past is totally behind you.

All you can do now is move through THIS moment, because that is where the power resides, that is where the Truth lies.

Think of time not as linear, but as an 11:11 portal.

Stepping through the 11 moment by moment is your way of “stacking time” into ONE Moment!

Every moment then delivers a new Awareness!

Now, the grief or difficulty you’re dealing with isn’t overwhelming your system and shutting you down.

2. Shift your focus on what you are grateful for in regards to the issue you are dealing with. How has it helped you, what have you gained?

There’s no right or wrong perspective in pain.

All you have is the powerful ability to tune in – or tune out. Focus your attention on your OPTIONS – not your pain.

11:11 enhances your inner voice and this helps you to tune in.

March’s 11 Universal Month and 11:11 Eclipse are a major growth opportunity… a timeless moment of reflection and renewal… Most of all, you are experiencing the world wide awake and with conscious Awareness! The more aware you are, the more clarity you have.

Use this moment to reflect you all that feels beautiful, abundant, loving and joyous in your life.

Reflect and forgive. Embrace and be grateful. Love and receive love.

Keep stepping through the 11:11 Portal.

Love and Blessings,


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  1. Ginette Poirier March 21, 2015 at 12:11 am - Reply

    Thanks for sharing your gift. It means so much to my life at this healing process time,after an extension of difficulty for 3 years. I for some reason feel a real draw and connection too you. Maybe since my middle name is Gabrielle?? No I am very serious about the connection Tania and will be following up with you during this wonderful period of forward movement and change. Sincerely affectionately following your guidance. GINETTE

    • Tania
      Tania March 21, 2015 at 10:57 am - Reply

      Many blessings and hugs, Ginette! Thank you for your beautiful words. I look forward to connecting deeply with you.

  2. Laura March 21, 2015 at 5:40 pm - Reply

    I have a serious obsession with astrology, horoscopes, zodiac signs and symbols, numbers, etc. ALL of it and everything about it has always intrigued me. Watching u while listening to u explain what all these numbers, and where they are, the planets, the sun and the moon everything makes more sense to me now then it had ever. Although I’ve been so drawn to it all those things I said above doesn’t mean I’ve ever fully understood any of it. But thanks to u, it makes more sense now then it ever has. Thank u so very much! U have no idea what that did for me. Much love
    I’ll keep my eyes open for more to come from yA

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