Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 11.11.51 PM One of the big celestial pivot points of the year begins tomorrow. A Total Solar Eclipse is coming…

With a big emphasis on spiritual Pisces – and the eclipse’s exact opposition to fortunate Jupiter in Virgo – the focus is on tuning into your intuition, healing, release and expanding your fortunate opportunities!

Virgo, the perfectionist, likes knowing every detail is taken care of. So, when Jupiter in Virgo sits exactly across this New Moon Eclipse, it’s a strong call to realize what to release in order to make ROOM for abundance.

You’ll want to look closely at the frequencies you are allowing into your life!

In the next few days, you’ll get powerful intuitive insights on how healthy, or not, your vibrational alignment is to the people in your life, to your career, what you surround yourself with in your daily environment and the health and value of your commitments.

You’re taking stock, so you can welcome the gifts of the powerful Total Solar Eclipse – a big invitation to step into a new cycle of abundance!

The Sun/Moon together in Pisces are asking you for a tune-up of your 6th sense – so ask yourself, what needs letting go? The clock has struck midnight (Pisces is the final sign).

Anything that no longer serves you is easily released now.

It’s a great time for you to check-in with a part of your life you probably take for granted… an integral part of who you are. Virgo-Pisces favor measuring this strong spiritual vibration that you emit into the world all day long, day after day.

A vibration aligned with how you attracted fortunate events and people – or not.

It is the vibration of your current name.

Usually, the first thing I do when reading for a new client is to check their current name.

NOT the birth name, but the name you use right now. Why? Because a person’s current name number tells me right away how easy or difficult the flow of their life is.

Essentially, you want ONE name that resonates to a FORTUNATE number.

(If you’re using two spellings of current name, you’re diluting your frequency across all areas of your life. Two different spellings create two different numbers. It’s like you’re emitting two calling cards into the universe!)

Fortunately, there are many fortunate name numbers to choose from!

For example, there’s the “Instant Manifestation” Number 10, the “Spiritual Alchemist” Number 15, the “Royal Star of the Lion” number 23, the “Prince of Heaven” number 19, the “Media Number 14, or the “Magnetic Attraction” Number 32… plus many more.

ALL create a powerful, highly positive influence on the lives of the people who have them.

Here’s the thing. Having read thousands of names from clients across the globe, I’ve found most people have names that resonate to a challenging number. No fun!

(BTW, Birth names don’t have this distinction – all birth name numbers are neutral.)

Here’s why having a fortunate name is so important – especially now:

Your current name vibration shows how easily or difficult it is for you to fulfill the promise in your Birth code!

If you have regular ups and downs and attract situations or people that drain your energy and distract you from fulfilling your goals

Or, if you feel a sense of division – and incompletion in your life, or you just can’t ever quite get into a good and easy flow because you’re distracted by conflicts and challenges…. If you tend to repel wealth and don’t feel “connected” and supported…or you are stuck in a rut…

… Then most likely you have a challenging current name.

The GOOD news it – Since you can CHOOSE your current name, you also have the power to CHANGE it!

Your name has such a huge IMPACT on your life. It's one of the MOST powerful spiritual and practical assets you havewhen it is fortunate.

This is true, whether you know about it, or not.

I invite you to discover the “secret frequency” that runs your life!

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Imagine something as simple as your NAME dissolving negativity and attracting opportunities – like magic!

Love and Blessings,


P.S. If you’re name resonates to a challenging number, I’ll be sure to create two new highly fortunate versions for you!

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