Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 9.52.55 AMAs I begin writing this, it is 11:11 pm the night before September 11.

That wasn’t planned!

Number 11 is literally a symbolic gateway into the unknown. 11 is an invitation to step through your fears and welcome the divine. 11 reminds us of the possibility of godliness within us.

God is not something we can prove.

Godliness is something we can aspire to.

The 11 gateway enables you to push the limits, to risk, to challenge and to explore the infinite possibilities within you.

Seeking the divine within you is the meaning of godliness.

Today the number 11 is activated, and that means you will feel movement. You are being asked to travel and to discover a whole new perspective.

And so the question that 11 asks is, “Do you want to travel through that gateway?”

Do you want to change?

Do you want to grow – or not?

If not, you’ll experience the challenging side of this number.

The shadow side of number 11 is division. You’ve decided not to move and walk through the gateway. You are stuck and your life feels incomplete. Your energy stops moving. Nothing changes and everything is about the status quo. That is like not living at all.

So on this 11 Day, expand your vision of what is possible!

Include activities that stretch you.

Try something NEW.

And if you notice something irks or offends you, stop and breathe deeply before you react. Allow the incident to awaken a healing within you. Keep in mind that lies won’t bother you, but the truth will hurt.

Be completely conscious of everything you say, think and do.

Be in beauty. Be in truth. Be in godliness.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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