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Today is
the 29th, an 11 Universal Day.


also my daughter's birthday, so I am going to make this short and sweet because
she wants to go to the beach and play – and so do I.


Clara loves to laugh and joke around. She's always
asking questions and expressing herself. 11 people have ‘double creativity' and
‘double originality', and she exemplifies those qualities to a tee.


lovely lesson she has taught me is that suffering is an unnecessary part of the
human experience. Suffering has nothing to do with outside events, but
Everything to do with your REACTION to them.


In other
words, what happens will happen. And no matter what is happening, you have a
choice as to how you FEEL about it.


Since 11
is one of her important birth numbers, Clara understands about choice,
discernment and division. She has shown me that, no matter what happens in my
life, I can choose HOW I move through any experience.


I can
choose to DEFINE my experiences, NOT to let the experience define me.


In 2011, everyone is learning about Master Number 11. To walk through the 2011 gateway, keep moving forward, don't stagnate
and get defined by others.


And never stop changing, adjusting, tweaking, transforming
your VISION.


Di-vision is to separate from your vision. It is the shadow
side of the 11, the di-vision from God, from Spirit, from our essence, our


Remember, 11 is the psychic, intuitive number. If you doubt
your intuition, then the two 1's of 11 are experienced as separate, because you
have doubted the relationship between your heart and your mind. This is
when the two 1's divide and face themselves in battle, instead of symbolizing
ONE open door to unity.


Closing the 11 door happens in a state of fear. Opening the
11 happens in a state of joy.


Open the door and see your vision. In 2011, a 4
Universal Year of Manifestation, you can easily manifest di-vision – or YOUR


Experience life on Your terms, and you'll shift your
consciousness forever.


Love and



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