Yesterday, May 11, Saturn stationed retrograde, which happens once a year.

Tomorrow, May 13, Venus stations retrograde – a much more rare occasion.

And Jupiter joins the retrograde party on Thursday!

What an extraordinary week it is.

Venus is the planet we are focusing on today. Because Venus is bringing much-needed pleasure, beauty, creativity, love and joy during times of great change and release.

Now, Venus retrogrades in Gemini on May 13 – which activates a double 13:13 CODE.

13 represents the Moon and the Divine Feminine energy.

Including the Moon cycle calendar.

  • There are 13 moon cycles in a calendar year.
  • Each season, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter – has 13 weeks.
  • 4 x 13 = 52 weeks.

The ancient card deck we still use was based on the four seasons, which is why it has 52 cards, with each suit comprised of 13 cards.