I've been sensing a quickening in the air. Like something is about to give.

There's a reason our nerves are more on edge right now. Since today is an 11 Universal Day, it's good to remember all of 2009 is an 11 Universal Year.

11 is a gateway. The two 1s symbolize pillars through which you must walk through. The ancients call this an initiation. Think of it as an inner transformation, a wake-up call of sorts.

So everything is more intense right now. That's what happens when you're in the spotlight. If you decide not to walk through the gateway, your nerves will be very much on edge. Because this year is truly about informed action.

What ‘walking through the 11 gateway' means is this. Stop as often as you can throughout your busy day, take some deep breaths and connect.

Connect to what, you may be asking.

To YOU. Your inner pulse. Your spirit. Your intuition. To God. However you feel comfortable describing it.

The mirror of Truth is getting cleared of fog in 2009. That's why we're hearing more and more revelations, particularly from those who have been pulling the strings for decades. The fog can be anything – ignorance, fear, laziness, residual anger, greed. Whatever is keeping you from walking through the 11 gateway this year will emerge and ask for your attention.

And that goes for nations and corporations as well.

Many people will be feeling on edge, or sense a quickening of sorts. Some may feel like there's an unraveling, a sense of life getting out-of-control.

This is one reason we're seeing more crazy headlines than ever before. Don't let them distract you.

At the SAME time we'll be hearing about more and more breakthroughs – on alternative energy sources, for example, which have been suppressed for decades. As the old guard crumbles, new openings are created.

You have the opportunity of a lifetime this year. This really is about looking in the mirror and eliminating old rusty beliefs once and for all.

What this year's 11 cycle demands from the world is Balance. There is an illusion of separation any time this number is active. You may look at your life right now and feel incomplete. If you think someone or something else is going to save you, toss that belief out of the window.

11 demands action. It does not reward inertia.

Here's a tip. I tell all my clients with prominent 11s that a lack of exercise will overwhelm their bodies with nervous energy. 11 is a highly electrical vibration. Electricity which needs to be channeled and released. This year, ALL of us are affected.

So be sure you're getting outside and walking, doing hill sprints, bicycling, roller-blading, swimming or even uni-cycling – like my husband likes to do.

This alone will help you clear your life of any cobwebs, mental, spiritual or physical.

One of my clients wrote to tell me her intuition has already expanded exponentially. Yes, 11 is a teacher and activator. After this 11 Universal Year, you will never go back to old patterns. In fact, you will feel like an old skin has shed.

To  help you navigate this shift, use your 2009 Blueprint. It's such an invaluable document during these changing times.

Your Personal Year and next 12 months have a rhythm. Knowing your personal pulse allows you to get a birds-eye view of your life. Enter the future prepared and excited.

Go to http://taniagabrielle.com/blueprint.html

Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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