The number 21 in Ancient Egyptian wisdom symbolizes “The Truth shall set you free.”

With the early years of the 21st century behind us, we are now entering a time where our perception of truth is vital to moving forward.

In other words, being willing to investigate what is real vs. choosing an illusion is a question we are all facing.

With an election year upon us here in the U.S., the topic of truth in politics looms large. Since 2012 – a Pivot Point 5 Universal Year – gives us huge opportunities to decide our future, looking out our political system is imperative.

In order to be political you must master a very fine talent: you must only say what NEEDS to be said in order to get elected. You must also be a master of saying what needs to be said in exactly the RIGHT way.

The point of running for office is to get elected.

This is why Politics and Truth can’t mix.

At some point or another truth gets discarded along the way. And if you are running for office and care about the Truth, in our current system it is nearly impossible to get elected.

It’s not that politics is all bad. It is what politicians are willing to do in order to get elected, which makes politics dishonest.

In essence, a person running for office seeks power. In order to be electable a politician must convince you that her or his views are YOURS as well. This is what our governments specialize in. They understand how to phrase the conversation in order for you to feel like they are designing programs to help you.

We must always ask the question – are they really helping us?

And this is where your self-empowerment comes in. Starting especially in 2012 and throughout this century our perceptions are undergoing a radical change. Beliefs ingrained in us from infancy are being overturned and exposed for what they are really worth.

If you put your trust in an organization or a political party instead of trusting YOU, then these times will rock you to your core.

If you re-discover your innate ability to tap in directly to your soul for answers, to be completely authentic in your journey of self-discovery – you are embarking on the most profound, liberating and joyful adventure ever.

The choice, as always, is yours.

Here is some food for thought.

Governments, whether Democrat or Republican, must lie in order for you to keep believing in them. Just like successful lawyers, the power of the word to sway is used incessantly through the mouthpiece of major media – left and right – to keep YOU in line with whatever axiom you choose to align yourself with.

Today’s governments are always trying to figure out a way to provide for the people’s needs. Yet in doing so, they must be so careful to not rob people of their personal power.

Dignity comes with creativity.

Ingenuity is the greatest confidence-builder we have.

There is a delicate balance between enabling a person in need to step into his or her power – or providing no impetus for people to feel the dignity of self-creation in their lives.

By dividing a country into left and right, politics has created a polarity that, especially during an election year, takes the conversation to extremes. Balance is lost, calmness goes out the window and aggression rules the day.

One side wants the government to do it all, the other wants to eliminate all government programs and laws.

What is lost in the political debate is that all laws, all behavior, all government programs must arise from Oneness, from Being at One – not from Separation. Separation is the illusion. Separation creates division and pain. Being in a state of Oneness when legislating is the only option for Peace.

As it stands now, we have a group of elitist (mostly lawyers) creating legislation that suits their own motives – “separation legislation”.

What is lost in the equation is an important fact:

It is impossible to thrive when you are being told what to do.

Growth comes from Freedom.

Nothing serves you more than giving you the Freedom to govern yourself.

Freedom is the keyword in 2012.

Many of our laws serve the vested interest of those who create them. Corporate power looms large in law creation.

Here is an example. I recently watched a video of Mitt Romney talking to a man a few years ago who has muscular dystrophy. This man, who weighed 80 pounds, was explaining to Romney that synthetic marijuana makes him sick and that his doctors prescribed medical marijuana for his pain.

He then asks Romney if Romney will arrest him and his doctors for prescribing the drug. His response, “I’m not in favor of medical marijuana”. And that was the end of the discussion as he leaves the man in the wheelchair who is pleading with Romney for an answer to his question.

It is a heartless response to a human story.

It arose because a politician was vested in his belief and could not change in that moment – where the truth of a complicated health issue was presented to him as proof – that his stance on an issue makes no HUMAN sense. It only makes POLITICAL sense.

U.S. law says you can’t grow a certain kind of plant, hemp, because the government ‘says’ it’s not good for you. Yet the SAME government says, it’s totally ok to grow TOBACCO, not because it’s so darn good for you (in fact government warnings are everywhere concerning this plant) but, well, just because.

What do each of these two laws have to do with keeping you healthy? Absolutely nothing.

The only reason these two laws are in place is due to economics.

In a nutshell – the powerful create the laws in order to fatten their wallets. They enforce these laws by contributing to and convincing politicians, who are running for office and need cash and votes, to use positive and evasive and selective language to promote their laws, often with great secrecy.

This is why politics and truth cannot mix.

And why we all must look closely at our current system of politics and government and decide how we choose to participate in creating a life of health, happiness and peace.

Hemp is no more addictive or a health risk than tobacco or alcohol, both of which are protected by laws.

The only reason hemp, one of the most amazing plants on Earth, is not allowed to be grown is because it would eliminate many of the cotton and timber industries.

The truth about hemp might shock you, because its benefits have been kept secret by those in power. It happens to be one of the strongest most enduring materials on Earth. Using hemp would eliminate cutting down forest after forest.

Yet, Romney and his colleagues on the left and right of the political spectrum will shy away from this and so many other important topics because the Truth would not get them elected.

2012 is a wake-up year.

We are being asked to CARE. To care about our own life and care about each other.

Our mission is to find a balance between helping others while not dis-empowering their innate desire to be Creators.

Your help needs to empower the person you are helping.

Once you nourish your own creativity and ingenuity, you naturally do so for others.

Balance in 2012 arises from making the CHOICE to claim your Power.

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