One of the major highlights of 2018 will be the long-lasting fortunate “trine” between Jupiter and Neptune.

This Saturday marks the first of their three meetings!

Jupiter trine Neptune is a “cosmic sign of enlightenment”.

Neptune, your inner spiritual flame, is being expanded positively by Jupiter’s divine blessings and wisdom.

As a result…

  • Your ability to CREATE is significantly enhanced.
  • A heightened enthusiasm aligns your energetically with what is for your highest good.
  • Your access to happiness is being activated in instant and nfinite ways.
  • Wealth attraction opportunities will unfold in dramatic fashion.

– Watch for invitations and requests that feel inspiring and excite you in anticipation of their outcome!

– Watch for opportunities to reach beyond your comfort zone in areas of financial flow!

– Seek out those mentors and friends who you feel destined to be and work with.

– Seek out projects whose outcomes feel so delicious and blissful, the very thought of them makes them irresistible!

– Observe how you feel magnetically drawn to certain people, decisions and ways of living

  • Neptune is the river of life, abundant and generous, spreading love, art, music, compassion – sharing resources unconditionally – while removing all restraints, blocks and borders.
  • Jupiter is the bringer of joy, abundant and generous in sharing gifts, prosperity and wisdom – enhancing, inspiring and positively energizing everything you do.

What's fantastic is that your opportunities are facilitated since, at the moment this trine is exact for the first time, Saturn is in Sagittarius (the sing Jupiter rules) while facing Galactic Center, the womb of creation.

This is the beginning of a love affair with life that will extend through 2018.

Later in December Saturn will enter its “home” sign of Capricorn for the first time in 26 years! That occasion will have a huge impact on you in 2018, since your divine mission – how you are choosing to be of service – will be on the forefront of your life.

2018 will open the 11 Portal all year long – uplifting and changing you to the core.

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