It’s a rare event when we experience a lunation twice in the same sign!

Back on June 21st we had the Solstice Cancer New Moon Eclipse at the beginning of Cancer – 0° Cancer.

Now, on July 20th, 2020 we’ll experience the SECOND Cancer New Moon!

This code is extremely powerful.

20 is representative of our decade and 20 itself represents healing and harmony, balance, so bringing the opposites together.

Remember July is that 11 universal month, which also asks us to step into the present moment so that we're not torn between one side or another — feeling defensive or feeling offensive.

Cancer is a highly sensitive water sign and is ruled by the Moon.

Moon represents the lunar cycles – aligned with the Divine Feminine.

Cancer is aligned with the Mother. It is the sign of nurturing, sweetness and finding inner security.

The shadow side of Cancer is timid and insecure – hiding under the shell of the crab.

In this powerful New Moon Star Codes episode you’ll discover:

  • The meaning Cancer in the overall storyline for 2020.
  • The opposition form Sun and Moon to Saturn with all three at exactly 28°.
  • How Chi