21:21 Code of Truth – How to Navigate the Eclipse!

We've arrived! In just hours we'll start the official journey into an extraordinary Leo New Moon – the second Leo New Moon this year (rare in itself) – a Total Solar Eclipse.

Fortunately Mercury is in Retrograde now giving us much needed quiet time and retrospection during this momentous event.

You'll definitely be experiencing the effects of this eclipse in the months and years to come. (This eclipse in Leo is part of a series that will occur from 2017-2019. It is the most powerful of all, but the MEANING on your life will unfold over time.)

Leo opens your HEART, so meditate on initiating a fresh start in LOVE.

So often we walk around with hurts in our heart, building walls around receiving and sharing love with others. Today is a celebration of YOU.

Open your heart, be vulnerable.

Feel beautiful and blessed. Feel confident and magnetic.

Leo is a FIRE sign of passion and forward momentum, so Leo New Moons are full of action.

Yet, this is a total eclipse of the Sun in Leo WHILE Mercury is in retrograde, so you will be slow to act until around mid September, a few days after Mercury stations direct on September 5.

It is perfectly set up for you to ignite the Light within.

Leo is ruled by the SUN… you want to SHINE the light, switch on your inner creator!

Paint, dance, write, sing.

Get a massage.

Take a vacation.

  • What would your life be like if you embraced radical acceptance?
  • Are you expressing your sensuality and magnetism freely?
  • How creative are you?
  • Do you step into every moment with unbridled confidence?
  • Leo is a sign of royalty – do you treat yourself as a divine being?

The Moon is totally darkening the Sun on a powerful critical degree28° 53″.

Notice that 28° 53″ adds up to 18! (2+8 + 5+3 = 18). Previously I revealed the powerful 18-18-18 code aligned with today's cosmic event. This additional 18 adds another element of letting go… purging the past… letting bygones be bygones.

It is the perfect juxtaposition of new and old – a powerful Pivot Point:

Not only is something brand new being born at the time of a New Moon – but something very important must end for you to reap the dividends in the long run.

Furthermore, the Eclipse is moving from the U.S. states of Oregon through South Carolina – in total traversing 11 U.S. States.

11 is the master number of living only in this moment.

11 is the ultimate gateway of Initiation, as you walk through the two pillars of the 11, discard your past, confront your fears, and are totally PRESENT.

Here's the thing… in order to be blissfully happy, you have need to be fully conscious and aware – and consciousness can only happen when you are here, now, symbolized by walking through 11 gateway into the unknown.

All fears are conquered when you trust yourself.

And Leo is all about being AUTHENTIC, embracing your beauty, living in your heart, TRUST.

Every astrology sign, planet and numerology number has a shadow side. Where there is light, there is also darkness.

Notice if you are more tuned into the shadow side of Leo – so, instead of heart-centered living you might notice yourself or others resort to being self-centered, excessively proud (like the lion), putting their head in the sand, and ego-centric.

To enter conscious awareness, ask – what  is being activated in my life right now?

What do I need to be aware of, so I can step into the light and joyfully create the life I want?

When you speak, write or express yourself, STATE exactly what you mean. Don’t hide behind the truth.

Today's August 21 Universal Day and 21 Universal Date creates a powerful 21-21 Code of TRUTH.

State the truth with confidence and love.

Trust that…

  • You CAN handle any challenging conversations.
  • You CAN communicate with those who are currently in darkness, and you can do so with the utmost grace and gratitude.
  • You CAN be secure in knowing the only constant is change.

Be in a place of loving attention.

Be in a place of peace, if you want peace in the world.

Be joyful, if you want happiness in your life.

I know, this can be uncomfortable! But it's much easier if you don't fight the universe – everything eventually must end and be reborn in order to be alive and thriving! All you need to do is to discern what is of the light, and what is not. Don't judge it, just see it for what it is and create positive flow around it with your LIGHT.

BECOME what you want to see in the world.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Be the Lion who proclaims: LOVE is the only reality.

Many Blessings and  Love,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. If you haven’t watched the Solar Eclipse Forecast yet, be sure you click here!













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