Happy Friday! And happy Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere – and first day of winter in the Southern hemisphere!

June 21 welcomes the Sun in Cancer.

Cancer is the Moon’s home sign.

Since we’ll be experiencing a TOTAL Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2, this year’s solstice carries extra significance.

June 21 kicks off an intensification of the Cancer/Capricorn axis just prior to eclipses begin in those two signs.

The Moon represents the night – our inner light, our emotional center… while the Sun governs daylight, vitality and “seeing the light”.

Today in the northern hemisphere Sun-light is at its peak.

Each Solstice marks the halfway point in our yearly cycle as we check in and make note of our progress since six months ago.

Your inner source of confidence and all the ways in which you SHINE are represented by the Sun.

Light illuminates, so we can SEE. Light allows us to be aware. Adjustments along the way can only be made when the truth is VISIBLE – brought into conscious awareness.

  • This moment in the middle of the year is always a wonderful time to take a look at your life as the Sun shines a spotlight on you.
  • Visualize your dreams for the season ahead as you initiate strong intentions for the next 6 months.

Every sign the Sun moves through holds new treasures.

In Cancer we are immersing our hearts into the realms of the MOON (planetary ruler of Cancer) – igniting love, our feelings, home, family, our past, our heritage and parents.

Cancer nourishes and nests.

Cancer is a beautiful, fluid WATER sign – vulnerable and sweet.

Heart-to-heart connections are deepened now…

  • Blessing the Solstice this year is Neptune’s change of direction into retrograde.
  • Happening at 18° in June’s 18 Universal Month, you're feeling the impact of a deeply healing 18:18 code amplifying rest and transitioning into other realms…

June 21 resonates to the double 21:21 code of truth and happiness that governs our 21st century.

These two double numerology codes add a spiritual joy into the solstice equation as you tune into your dreams and visions.

And Neptune’s stationing into retrograde the SAME day the Sun enters Cancer on the Solstice removes the veil of illusions, in particular regarding issues around our family and love.

Do you feel nurtured in your home environment?

If the answer is no, therapy and all high vibrational healing are favored during Neptune retrograde, especially with an 18:18 code that also governs rejuvenation, rest and healing.

  • These next months will be spectacular for self growth!

Focus your energy on stilling your mind and opening your heart so you can consciously engage with Source, with Love…

This is an incredibly CREATIVE time – engage as often and as passionately as you can with your imagination!

The truth is, what bring you pleasure, inspiration and fulfillment is what HEALS you instantly by creating a spiritual bridge to internal harmony and happiness.

Be in this serene, passionately engaged place.

Listen to the most exquisite music, wrap yourself in pleasurable scents, invest in a fresh bouquet of flowers to nurture the petals in your heart…


Love and Light,

Tania Gabrielle

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