Mercury moves direct in eight hours on a day that the full 3-6-9 triad of creation and love is activated!

This exciting pivot into forward momentum happens at 24° Aries – symbolizing 24 hours a day, compassion, creativity, abundance and love … So in the next weeks you are prompted to connect intimately, to forgive, have empathy and open your heart to blissful breakthroughs.

Also on this extraordinary day the Sun sextiles Neptune which spiritualizes the sacred Mercury change from introspection to activation.

Engage is the keyword.

Engage with your soul, engage with your creativity, and engage with others.

Engaging with your soul means you radiate joy.

Holding on to anger or blame slows down your vibration. You can’t have what you are not willing to become first. Become joy to experience more joy. Recognize how the universe is pairing you up with the SAME vibrational experiences you seek at a soul level.

Engaging with your creativity means LIVING your vibration to manifest and sustain success.

The creation of abundance, beauty, peace and harmony in your life that results in financial windfalls, lasting relationships and success is dependent on your creative engagement in the present moment – LIVING your vibration… the ebb and flow of releasing ideas you are not vibrationally aligned with and a constant engagement with the energy you wish to resonate to.

Engaging with others in a deeply authentic way means that you show up with transparency.

Present who you are with complete authenticity – reveal both the struggles and the progress that accompany your awakening. This openness and transparency bonds you to others on a soul level. You are giving yourself (and others) permission to be in love with who they are at the same time they are evolving every day.

Engagement on this high vibrational level brings a beautiful balance to your life.

All this is happening as Mercury releases the recent retrograde intensity of April by moving direct again… a prime opportunity to pivot your attention and engage authentically with your life and the world around you.

It's the universe’s invitation to make a big move into living authentically and joyfully!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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