What a delightful Gemini New Moon blesses us on June 3!

An incredible 3:3:3 triad of happiness, creativity and love is activated by this lunation.

Even if you are not a Gemini, or have your Ascendant (Rising Sign) or natal Moon in Gemini when you were born, this forecast still applies to you!

  • Gemini gets energy moving.
  • Communication is greatly enhanced through writing and speaking.
  • You can connect to others through shared ideas and interests.
  • You are open to assimilating different points of view
  • Ingenuity and Variety spice up your life.

And… several highly fortunate planetary transits enhance the positive impact of this New Moon!

For the complete forecast and special tips be sure to watch the video!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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