Women.The final ten days of April are truly momentous.

An intensely transformational Scorpio Full Moon arrives at the same time that FOUR planets are retrograde!

As of a few days ago –  Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto –  were in retrograde, and by next week Mercury will join the crowd… with a total of FIVE planets in retrograde motion at once.

That has not happened in TEN years!

So… what does it mean?

Well for one, lots of stuff that was hidden from your consciousness is being uncovered now.

You’re seeing things you never did before. It's as if you are holding a laser of truth, shining a new perspective on people and situations. You’re noticing motivations, personality traits, hidden agendas, and making profound discoveries that are turning to big AHA moments.

Most likely you are adjusting. Most likely you are recalibrating.

Definitely, something is changing.

When planets retrograde, especially four and five at one time, it gives you a big opportunity to ACCEPT what you were not able to accept before. You are exploring what you were not capable of seeing before now, and as a result you are experiencing a rapid spiritual growth spurt!

Retrogrades allows the unseen and unnoticed to penetrate your consciousness.

You are assimilating, processing and digesting information you may have missed, or glossed over or just not been able to comprehend before now.

In the case of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, the energy is likely to be about a current or former intimate relationship. One you are exploring and seeing in a new light, as Jupiter comes in and expands your vision…

Your future is forever changed by what you are discovering! And you’re the wiser for it…

Pluto and Saturn are penetrating the depths of truth, so what seemed as a given before now, may not feel quite destined to happen anymore.

Jupiter looks to the future and Jupiter retrograde in Virgo wants to make sure you are paying attention to your daily rhythm and spiritual, mental, phsyical and emotional HEALTH in any given situation – so that your life is consistently in a state of flow.

So, if something seems “off” right now, no matter what it is or how fleeting the recognition is, it’s really important you explore it. If a flow of energy is unreliable and inconsistent, acknowledge that too.

Take the invitation to explore and you will benefit immeasurably in the very near future!

Your vibrational state is refining – and that means you are transforming.

Plus, what makes this retrograde of five planets even more powerful is that Scorpio is coming through with the momentous Full Moon, ramping up the transformational energy up a notch!

Scorpio likes to go in and surgically remove what’s no longer useful.

The TIMING of Mars and Pluto's retrograde cycle with the Scorpio Full Moon is manifesting as a deep, profound healing…

Both Mars (ancient ruler of Scorpio) and Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) stationed retrograde within hours of each other THIS week. So we are experiencing a very rare triple intensification of the Scoprio energy. This deepens your awareness and perception of reality like never before.

You’ll SEE things, FEEL things and KNOW things at a core level and this awakening facilitates a beautiful, peaceful transcendent acceptance as you purge past beliefs and projections

Release is accelerated all year long, since the number 9 of culmination and endings is active throughout 2016.

Remember that a powerful “Royal Code” is active in 2016. You are stepping away from following others and instead listening to your inner voice, allowing the wisdom and power of the universe to pulse through you!

As a result…

The inner radiance and infinite prosperity that you are destined to experience will flow and flow.

At this momentous time, when you can recalibrate and adjust SO much and so rapidly at once, make sure you also include a check of your name frequency.

Your current name has a major impact on the quality of your life.

If your current name does not vibrate to a positive frequency, the good news is – you CAN change it!

(This goes for any name – personal or professional.)

When you SAY your name, you are sounding out a specific and powerful frequency. You emit this vibration – your spiritual “calling card” – into the universe all day long, signing it, saying it and seeing it.

Align yourself with a name that integrates and radiates Joy, not disappointment and obstacles.

I invite you to discover the “secret frequency” that runs your life!

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Imagine your NAME frequency dissolving negativity and attracting opportunities – like magic!

Have a joyous, beautiful, healing Scorpio Full Moon.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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