Today’s April 5 New Moon unleashes a stunning 5:5:5 code of positive transformation.

5 coupled with the dynamics of this Aries New Moon means:

  • April is a turning point.

How perfect that this Aries New Moon on April 5 is also the 5th of 5 consecutive New Moons at 15°!

Triple 5:5:5 forms a triad of 5’s – an enhancement of freedom, fun, adventure, traveling, decisions and movement on all levels.

And – check this out:  5:5:5 = 15 !

So the 5th of 5 consecutive New Moons on April 5 at 15° ALSO adds up to 15… Wow!

15 resonates to magic, spiritual alchemy, upliftment through joy and abundance attraction.

15 merged with the powerful 5:5:5 triad enhances the cosmic expression of magic and miracles.

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What is clearly a big theme surrounding April and today's Aries New moon is that…

  • You are Rising to the Occasion.
  • Like number 5 you are rising from the ground up into the Spiritual realms.

5's Snake-like pattern is the upward movement through each of our chakras – so the number 5 symbolizes the S-curve of Divine Light moving through our Spine.

5 emits a vibration of rising upwards through several segments of our human experience, while being open to changes of direction – and this deep TRUST in the adventure ultimately allows us the FREEDOM to explore without knowing our destination!

How amazing that we can rise ever higher knowing only that we are on the right pathyet Not knowing where we are heading!

5 keeps the “where” a stunning mystery.

5 asks us to TRUST by delighting in new adventures.

After all, why go on any adventure if you’re not intentionally moving through a fear of change – or any fear for that matter?

  • 5 loves consciously exploring the unknown.
  • 5 is the symbol of curves in the road and decisions to be made.

Due to the current astrological intensification of Saturn and Pluto moving closer together in Capricorn, you are dealing with themes of commitment (Saturn), empowerment (Pluto) and a recognition of your Soul contracts in this lifetime.

Fortunately, 5 is also the number of FUN!

In fact, 5 and Aries invite you to go on an ultimate Soul adventure – so fire up all cylinders and follow your instinct to explore.

This includes doing something at the spur of the moment, no planning allowed!

Allow your Soul to fly – you’ve GOT this!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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