The headlines from this past
weekend continue our April storyline.


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Two numbers in particular were
activated in the following two stories – 12/3 and 7. Since 2010 is a 3
Universal Year and April is a 7 Universal Month, this is no coincidence.


In Mississippi residents said it
looked like the sky was falling. Winds clocked at 160 mph and one tornado was
one and a half miles wide. There was utter destruction. The tornadoes totaled
61 in several Southern states.


Yesterday one of my friends
emailed me about this story. I sent back this sentence – ‘It is the 25th


25 is a 7 Day.


April 2010 is a 7 Universal Month.


61/7 tornadoes whipped through the


Top winds were clocked at 160/7


Last Tuesday evening there was a
‘catastrophic' explosion aboard an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.


So many sudden, unexpected
‘lightning strike' events – symbolizing by the image of the number 7 – have occurred
this month.


Another client notified me of Bret
Michael's condition. I did not know who he was. After looking at his personal
cycles though, I was again taken aback by his current cycles.


bret michaels.jpg

Michaels, the lead vocalist of the
band ‘Poison', suffered a massive brain hemorrhage and was hospitalized Friday.
Earlier in April Michaels was rushed to hospital after suffering intense
stomach pains resulting in an emergency appendectomy.


Two sudden onsets of health


Michaels Personal Month in April
is 16/7.


As I have said many times, in a
current cycle 16/7 can indicate ‘a person or entity with a crown on his or her
head falling from a tower after being struck by lightning.'


To be perfectly clear – most
people will not feel a 16 cycle with this kind of intensity. Usually an outside
event prompts you to go inside for answers. This is because any cycle that
reduces to 7, such as 16, 25 and 34, is meant to bring you in touch with your


The intensity of any 7 personal
cycle depends on you – your past actions and your current state of mind.


With Michaels there is a history
of being activated with the number 7.


For example, on June 7, 2009,
Michaels suffered a fractured nose and cut lip at the Tony Awards after
performing When Michaels turned to exit the stage, he was hit in the head head
by a piece of the set, knocking him on his back.


As for the number 12/3, Bret
Michaels is in a 12 Personal Year in 2010.


The tornadoes this weekend killed
12 people.


12/3 is a very dramatic and
expressive number. It can also indicate being a victim of some kind.


In combination with the 7, a 12/3
can either attract an amazingly deep spiritual experience which is expressed
and shared. Or it indicates a sudden, dramatic event.


Since his current name ‘Bret
Michaels' adds up to a challenging number, he will naturally attract more
challenging events.


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