If one thing can be said about Jupiter, it’s that Jupiter inspiresenthusiasm.

On Sunday, one day prior to the amazing Full Moon in Sagittarius (facing Galactic Center), Jupiter – ruler of Sagittarius – creates a stimulating square to Neptune.

Neptune is also in its own home sign of Pisces!

Enthusiasm about your fulfilling your DREAMS is on a high.

Without feeling enthusiastic you don’t have the spiritual “juice” to move forward with those dreams.

Have you noticed that the people who exhibit enthusiasm are inspiring to be with?

There’s something magnetic and infectious about passionate engagement.

Enthusiastic people are open to life.

They are curious.

They love to learn about new ideas, new perspectives.

 They SMILE a lot.

They smile when they see you.

They just have a lot of FUN!

Jupiter square Neptune on the eve of the big Sagittarius Galactic Center Full Moon stimulates GENUINE ENTHUSIASM.

So today moving forward…

  • See the BESTin people.
  • Make it a point to show up at work with positivity.
  • Go the extra milewith your clients and followers.
  • See opportunities everywhere– especially when there is a seeming setback.
  • Learn one thing that’s new every day.
  • Embrace change and surprise as a Divine call to grow.
  • Laugh out loud as often as you can.

With an abundance of enthusiasm, no matter what comes at you during the day, your internal dial is set to the channel of optimismso channel your inner smile and you’ll be able to handle it all with courage and grace.

Celebrate Jupiter’s activation of enthusiasm and Neptune’s call to follow your dreams!

Hugs and Smiles,

Tania Gabrielle

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