Earlier today at 3:40 pm local time,
a major 7.2 earthquake struck Baja California and was felt throughout Southern


Well, as it turns out, I made the
April Forecast Video for you just hours before the quake! It is all about the
volatility of numbers 3 and 7 this month. April is a 7 Universal Month and 2010
is a 3 Universal Year.


Clayton, who left at lunchtime
after we shot the video, was literally on his way to L.A. when the earthquake


As usual, the date, magnitude and
time give important clues.


4.4.2010 is an 11 Universal Date. 4
represents the ground we stand on, architecture and stability. The 4.4 and 11
provide an important forecast for the future of this area.


Now look at how the number 7 was
activated – especially how it connects Baja to the earthquakes in Chile, Japan
and Haiti.


1. The 7.2 Baja earthquake struck
at 3:40 pm PDT – a number which reduces to 7.


2. April is a 7 Universal Month –
see more in my video about this.


3. Chile's Earthquake measured at 8.8 = 8+8 = 16/7


4. Japan had a 7.0 earthquake
off Okinawa the same day as Chile's.


5. Remember Haiti's quake was
ALSO a 7.0.


Now let's see how number 7
connects to other parts of the West Coast, because it indicates which area may
be next.

I have said previously that
the whole Western coast of North America is due for earth changes this year.


6. California is in a 25/7
Personal during the Month of April.


7. Washington State is in a 7
Personal Year in 2010.


I want to examine Washington more
closely, as I have already written extensively about the volatility in
California for this year.


Washington's 7 Personal Year is very
challenging. This is because the number 7 is in conflict with ALL of
Washington's birth blueprint.


The Destiny for Washington is 9,
the Day of Birth is 11 and the Life Purpose Number is 30/3 – shared with
Oregon. None of these numbers are compatible with 7. This means that Washington
could feel major discomfort this year. And since 7 symbolizes a lightning
strike, the event could be quite sudden – such as an earthquake.


Here is another clue.


Washington is born on 11.11. And April
2010 is an 11 Personal Month for the state. 11 signifies a portal of Truth through
which we all must walk. Otherwise we feel division – inside and out. In a
literal sense, 11 can mean the earth uniting or splitting apart.


Amazingly, Seattle shares two of
the same numbers in the very same categories as Washington State. This means
that the forecast for Seattle is very similar as for all of Washington.


The capitol of each state must be
considered, as it represents the political power center. Not surprisingly, Olympia,
Washington gives us several more clues.


Olympia has a 34/7 Life Purpose
Number and a 25/7 current name. Notice how the 7 shows up again.


2010 is a 14/5 Personal Year for Olympia.
The numbers 1-5-7 are in the same trilogy, so the number 5 – symbolizing risk
and adventure – definitely fits into the sudden events picture. It is important
to note that 14/5 is what I call the Media Number, guaranteeing that Washington
State will be in the media spotlight for something this year.


As mentioned previously, the
United States is ALSO in a 14/5 Media Number Year. This is right in line with
the world's media focusing on the U.S. in 2010 for one or more major events.


Finally, the magnitude of today's
tremor was 7.2.


7.2 adds up to 9 – the number of
culmination and endings. The northern Baja quake carries an ending cycle
forecast for a large part of the West coast.


I look at all the numbers
carefully – from Haiti's devastating 7.0 quake in January to Japan and Chile's 7
quakes in February. With Chile's 8.8 = 16/7 – a number signifying a lightning
strike and fall from a high place – you start to get the picture.


All the numbers are revealing a
pattern. There is a storyline forming in these frequencies.


I don't like being the bearer of
this news, but I also tread a fine line because I feel a responsibility to warn
those of you who live along the West coast.


In the video I explain how you can
take the numbers for April and create a spiritual breakthrough. After all,
since 2010 is a 3 year of self-expression and April is a 7 month of spiritual
transformation, the best thing you can do right now is to begin communicating
with your innermost feelings – the core of who you really are.


April brings a tremendous
opportunity for you to clear out old cobwebs in order to be grounded and balanced for the rest of
2010. A clear mind, at peace and at ease, is the best antidote to fear.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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