A wonderful Leo New Moon instills plenty of courage and feel good energy on August 18 (Americas) / August 19 (rest of the world).

Your inner lion/lioness is awakening!

You are in the process of passionately engaging your OWN Inner AUTHORITY.

We have entered the period of the big shift when you are resisting the old paradigm of top-down controlwhich you now realize is an abdication of your own sovereign power to live freely and happily without interference.

This LEO infusion helps you to listen passionately to what feels good and uplifting – and GO with that energy.

Leo is a fire sign and during this New Moon, Leo merges with a powerful activation of the number 8:

  • Sun and Moon are at 26° Leo which reduces to a double 8.
  • Saturn at 26° Capricorn is exactly quincunx (150°) the Sun and Moon at the moment of the New Moon.
  • August is the 8th month of the year.

LEADERSHIP and LEO are one and the same.

Add this energizing quadruple 8:8:8:8 code activation and you have a tremendous reinforcement of courage, infusing your heart the COURAGE of the LION and live your life on your terms!

In this empowering New Moon Star Codes episode you’ll discover:

  • Themeaning the number 8 and Leo in the context of current times.
  • How the triple conjunction with Sun, Moon and Mercury shifts your way of perception and thinking.
  • A triple trine to Mars, fire planet, weeks before Mars stations retrograde – powerful revelations to take with you.
  • A reactivation of Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter from Mars and how it ties into the Stellium that began the decade.

Every New Moon is an opportunity to start fresh.

NOW we have especially strong activation the themes of Confidence, Passion and Leadership in play…

This is truly Divine Timing at its best.

Discover what this LEO New Moon activation means to you!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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