Welcome the invigorating Aries FULL MOON on October 1!

Here’s what we cover in the latest Star Codes forecast:

  • The meaning of the code in the date1.2020
  • Moon conjunct Chiron – a powerful healing shift
  • Sun quincunx Uranus, creating a triple 9:9:9 code
  • Mars retrograde in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn
  • Venus (ruler of Libra Sun) trine Mars (ruler of Aries Moon)

The opposition of Sun (Libra – Venus) and Moon (Aries – Mars) is designed to bring ENERGY into HARMONY.

Oppositions bring awareness by something manifesting at an opposite polarity.

So this full moon invites you to be consciously aware of the Polarities within, and in doing so to consciously PURGE what it is you don’t want anymore, and REPLACE it with confident high vibrational choices.

Have a wonderful Aries Full Moon!

Love and Blessings,