Now that Barack Obama is the presumptive Democratic Nominee, a whole new political race is on the horizon.
Last month I hinted that Obama could have challenges concerning his partnerships. Both his wife and even his Vice Presidential choice may cause issues for him going into the November election.
Since he has not chosen his Vice President yet – though, based on the numbers, I believe it could be Hillary Clinton – let’s look at Barack’s wife Michelle Obama. He and Michelle have an amazing array of numbers in common. Theirs is an incredibly deep and fateful relationship.
She is born on January 17, 1964. He is born on August 4, 1961.
Right off the bat you notice their 17/8 and 4 Days. 8 and 4 are the fateful numbers. People who have them prominently placed in their blueprints will be magnetically drawn to others with 4s and/or 8s. Even their addresses and phone numbers are likely to add up to either number – as strange as it may sound.
So we have an immediate connection with their Day of Birth.
What’s so amazing is Barack and Michelle Obama also share the exact same Life Purpose Number, 29/11. That’s an equally strong bond. A master number like 29 will ask more of them. Now, keep John McCain in mind as well as I tell you a bit more about this vibration. He’s born on the 29th. So was John F. Kennedy.
29 is an incredibly creative and original number. It gives wisdom and foresight – wonderful tools for any politician and business person. Other people are willing to help 29s achieve their goals. There is great potential for wealth and success.
The flip side is that 29 also indicates an underlying anxiety and uncertainty. Unreliable contacts and friends can cause challenging situations. Pride and arrogance may prevent admitting mistakes. Many 29/11s do overcome their fears, admit mistakes and use their wisdom to gain a position of strength. Obama certainly has done so recently in regards to leaving his church.
Yet another possible danger with the 29 is romantic liasons. We all know about JFKs affairs. McCain has admitted to one earlier in his life as well. It does not have to reflect this way. There could just be an underlying anxiety.
But what turns on some of my alarm bells regarding Michelle and Barack Obama is this. In addition to their 4 and 8 Day of Birth and their 29/11 Life Purpose, they both also share the same current name number, 17/8. This creates an exponential effect regarding their 4 and 8 Days of Birth. A 4 or 8 name is not recommended if you are born on a day which reduces to 4 or 8. It creates fateful events, which could otherwise be avoided.
Incredibly, even when Michelle uses the name ‘Michelle Robinson Obama,’ it adds up to 22/4.
What this boils down to is this. There is a law of magnetic attraction which is activated under the 4 and 8 vibration. This attraction can be romantic, in business, in friendship and in political associations. It’s even common for relatives and relatives by marriage to have these numbers in common.
It’s known that 4 and 8 people have a deep devotion toward each other. Or, one of the two people feels an incredible attraction, when the other doesn’t. When they do marry, there is a possibility of sacrifice of one kind or another.
Sometimes this self-sacrifice results in great legacies being created – either in a product, book or a work of art. They can also have unusually gifted children.
But the key is, there is usually some sacrifice. As for how these numbers affect Obama during this Presidential race – in this era of political dirty tricks, there is a possibility of a scandal of some kind. With Obama’s 17/8 name, Michelle’s 17/8 name and John McCain’s 17/8 name, we are in for a long five months. As for Cindy McCain, she has 4 and 8 in her blueprint too. These fateful numbers will become more active as the campaign heats up.
What’s most important is that you have a name which will help you. Be the master of your fate by ensuring your current name is fortunate.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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