What a year it's been! Change, surprises, transition, dismantling of the old, independence and more change – a memorable 365 days.

The date that stands foremost in my mind is 8.8.08.

On August 8 three big stories made the headlines. Senator and Presidential Candidate John Edwards admitted he lied about his affair with Rielle Hunter. That one took most of the headlines.

Earlier that same day, Georgia and Russia began a war. As for who invaded who remains open to question.

Then there were the 2008 Olympics. Or should I say, then there was Michael Phelps. Either way, the number 8 was magnified.

The Olympics began at 8:08:08 pm on 8.8.08. Michael Phelps won his breathtaking 8 Gold Medals. This incredible athlete showed the world why he is the master of overcoming obstacles. His Destiny Number is the Master Number 88.

2008 will best be known for Barack Obama's historic win as the 44th President of the United States. 44 reduces to 8 and since 8 symbolizes m'oney, leapfrogging challenges with confidence and infinite resources – it makes sense that the economy is first and foremost on the agenda.

Obama has a 10/1 Destiny Number. 2008 was a 10/1 Universal Year. 1 represents something new and 10 the ability to manifest your ideas and goals with originality and independence.

As we complete the first 1 Year of our new millennium we can look back and see another key word for the number 1 – change.

Everything is a-changing, and this momentum will continue. 2009 after all reduces to 11, a double 1. There is much to look forward to this coming year.

You can look for my special newsletter about 2009 in the next days.

What I will leave you with tonight is this. The 2000s represent communication and cooperation. In 2009/11/2 we will be asked to communicate, listen, and engage each other.

The 365 days we are entering now are going to be absolutely riveting.

Wishing you a Happy and Peaceful New Year,
Tania Gabrielle

P.S. My Holiday Celebration is hours from going off the air – Every item is still 33% off.

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