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Recently an article about athletes who changed their name came across my desk. One of those players is LA Lakers forward Ron Artest.

Last month Artest changed his name to “Metta World Peace”.

He had been wanting to change his name for a while, but was forced to wait until outstanding traffic warrants in his old name were cleared.

Well, as usual, numerology can explain the reason for this delay.

Ron Artest was born on November 13, 1979. That gives him a powerfully magnetic 32/5 Life Purpose and a fateful, genius-inspired 13/4 Day of Birth. 13 and 32 make him quick on his feet and unpredictable – a great trait in professional sports. Plus he gets plenty of media attention with this combination.

Yet 13, the Rebirth Number, will also attract unexpected, sudden events. Especially when it is coupled with a 4 or 8 current name.

“Metta World Peace” resonates to 53/8, activating that fateful connection to his Day of Birth on the 13th.

“Ron Artest” was a highly fortunate 33/6 current name. One that suited him in particular, because a 6 current name brings balances out the fateful and destined quality brought on by a 4 or 8 birth number.

But when Ron changed his name legally to “Metta World Peace” on September 16, 2011, his life took on a new challenge.

It explains why, leading up to the change, there were delays. Plus, his previous highly fortunate name “Ron Artest” was doing him a favor by hanging around a while longer!

For most people a 53/8 current name attracts a greater likelihood of wealth, strength and leadership – and “Metta World Peace” will benefit some as well. However, since he is born on a 13/4 Day he should NOT be broadcasting a current name frequency which reduces to 8.

In combination with each other, numbers 4 and 8 attract events and people of a
‘fateful' quality, so your life feels like an endless series of karmic or
destined events.

Additionally, September 16 happened to be a 25/7 Personal Day for him – activating two 7s concurrently.

Number 7 looks like a lightning strike.

When doubly activated on an important date, you feel a lightning bolt effect in relation to the event that transpired.

An official name change is a spiritual moment of truth.

For Metta World Peace the combination of fateful 4 and 8 numbers and 7's on the date of his change set up a pattern of more challenges, rather than support him or his long-term goals.

When undergoing a transformation – like a name change, a wedding, surgery, or an important launch – it is important to know the whole recipe of frequencies activated on that day.

For Ron Artest, the both the number for his date (the TIMING) and his new name (his Spiritual Frequency) set up a challenging pattern.

You want ALL the numbers in your life to support you, especially NOW.

Unlock the fortunate side of your Astro-Nmerological patterns and you hold the keys to peace, prosperity and success.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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