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While preparing for my ‘Scan Your
Life Seminar'
yesterday I made an important discovery which I'll reveal during
my Current Events night on October 8.


I also came across Dahr Jamail, an
award-winning independent journalist. He's best known for his dispatches from
Iraq during the invasion in 2003.


Jamail, a Lebanese American and
Texas native, has been reporting from the Gulf of Mexico.


I've read Jamail's articles and
heard him speak on radio shows. He is one of the few reporters to pierce BP's
veil when it comes to exposing the real ongoing story in the Gulf.


It goes without saying that Jamail
is not aligned with a major news organization, so most people will not be
exposed to his excellent reporting. 


One of the important facts he
points out is that all the data we are receiving comes directly from BP – the
very company responsible for the oil spill. So when they say, only 1.9 millyon
gallons of Corexit has been used – that's the only source we have. Not a good


Scientists have estimated more
like 40 millyon gallons of this lethal poison have been dumped based on what
they are finding.


The human impact is becoming worse
– people are very sick. This is serious. But we are not hearing a word about it
from the big media outlets that most folks get all their news from.


Local news stations around the
Gulf are starting to catch on though.


Here's a 2-minute story that aired
on a local ABC station near Pensacola Florida. If you're planning to take a
shovel to the beach down there to build sand castles, think again.


Back to Dahr Jamail. Here's an
instance where I don't have a birth name or a birthday. So you'd think there's
not much to see in his numbers.


Not true.


The current name gives me a lot of
clues. And in his case, I had another lead – his birth year.


‘Dahr Jamail' adds up to 14/5 in
the ancient Chaldean system I use for your current name.


He was born in 1968.


As you may know, the year in the
century you were born in is an important indicator of your life.


The 68th year reduces
to 14, the exact same number of his current name.


When the same two-digit number
shows up twice anywhere in your blueprint – it is a magnification and a big


14/5 happens to be the Media

a fortunate
. So, it makes perfect sense that Jamail be interested in and even
employed as a reporter.


If I had his birth info I could
tell you more.


But even with only these two
pieces of information, I know Dahr Jamail is fulfilling his destiny – and
fortunately in an ethical, uncompromising way.


Numbers will always give you
important answers. Keep watching for the clues in your own life.


Warmest Regards,


Tania Gabrielle


P.S. Stay tuned for a special
surprise tomorrow.

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