Over the weekend Clara and I were watching some of the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition Finals live online.

I love how technology brings us closer and closer together…

Many magnificent performances from young professional pianists… and it made my heart sing to hear great inspiring music alive in our younger generation from all parts of the globe.

Though, I have to admit, I’m not a fan of judging artists – there is room for many interpretations as long as the artist is present and channeling with love.

Jupiter stationed DIRECT late on Friday (right after a Sagittarius Full Moon), just hours before the competition finale.

Fittingly, there were Jupiterian surprises!

Now that Jupiter has slowly started moving forward again, your quest for  manifesting expansive abundance is taking off in a big way.

As we move into this positive momentum, here is Jupiter’s message to you:

Embrace being alive by loving every experience that opens your mind. Expand the love in your heart more wide than you could have ever imagined!

Think about it.

If you are living only in the present moment, you’re totally free! Nothing is holding you back.

The choice to be free and present is always yours.

You're being nudged throughout the day to observe, listen and feel.

Living for this moment ONLY is a celebration of life itself. 365 days a year you are giving thanks to God for all your blessings – especially your LIFE!

Now Jupiter direct invites you to breathe in and sing a song of Love.

  • LOVE what you are DOING. (you can only DO in the PRESENT)
  • LOVE how you are BEING. (you can only BE right now – you can’t be tomorrow or yesterday.)
  • LOVE what you are SAYING. (you can’t undo what is being spoken).

Make a vow that your words will be jewels and your thoughts infused with rose petals…

Jupiter is the great equalizer – proclaiming that Joy is the ultimate test of the quality of your life. Wisdom is the only barometer you need. Wisdom is not thought – it is channeled, felt, internalized in an eternal moment…


You can summon Love, Wisdom, Love and Joy at any time… but, it cannot be held, captured… it is only available in your life when you are PRESENT with passion and joy and commitment.

  • So today, start to participate in the passionate creation of joy.
  • Feel the serenity and passion! Feel the ecstasy…
  • You can’t go back and re-experience life, but you CAN engage at any time!

Your opportunity to shift into a sublime state of being is greater than ever.

The abundance being activated by Jupiter moving forward again invites you to align with your own Jupiter Wealth Code. Jupiter is the planet describing the traits and qualities natural to YOU – inner gifts you must utilize to be a powerful prosperity and abundance attractor.

You were born with Jupiter in a unique sign and in a unique astrological house.

Altogether there are three Jupiter sectors located in your astrology birth chart – they describe how you personally activate fortunate outcomes, attract prosperity and opportunities for success.

Taken together your 3 Jupiter sectors make up Your Jupiter Wealth Code.

Discover what Your Jupiter Wealth Code is, what it means, and how you can activate it to manifest fortunate opportunities in your life!

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Since Jupiter is not retrograding anymore, it's the perfect time to leverage the way in which YOU naturally attract abundance and joy!