Kim Kardashian 2.pngIn our latest Entertainment news update, Kim Karshian files for divorce after 72 days…

From my perspective, the only interesting thing about Kim's short marriage is that the number 72 reduces to 9 – signifying endings!

And the number does not only appear in the number of days her marriage lasted.

Kim Kardashian also just entered a 9 Personal Year just in October. She is meant to release all people and beliefs that no longer serve her this year. Well, she got right to it, obviously…

There are many endings AND beginnings in the air right now.

The reason – change brings new directions, and with transformation comes the release of old ways, outlived beliefs and the urge to embrace new beginnings in all facets of your life.

I will be sharing the hidden meanings of the dramatic changes forecast in The 2012 Code™ at my live event beginning on 11.11.11.

I want YOU to be there.

So… a big announcement regarding this exciting event, and how you can still attend, is coming in the next two days.

As for the great singer Adele, news is spreading that her throat issues may be more serious than originally thought. So I wanted to look at her name and current cycles.

My first step was to check Adele's current name frequency.

“Adele” resonates to 18/9 – a highly challenging name number. It indicates, no matter how much success she reaches, she will always have major obstacles to overcome in her life.

Adele was born on 5.5.1988 and her birth name adds up to 83/11. Do you notice all the master numbers?

When 5 is doubled as in 5.5, it shows a natural mastery of magnetically connecting to the public and the ability to transfix people with your gifts. 5 can ‘sell' anything, especially from the stage.

The double 8 in 1988 adds a mastery of energy, frequency and the leadership and success that comes as a result of overcoming and learning from challenges.

Adele.pngThe double 1 in 11, brings her master number equation to an even more intriguing level – the 11 adds a brilliant and original creative force which exudes all she does. Adele is truly an ‘original' – there is no one out there who sings or writes songs like she does. She is not a ‘cookie cutter' musician, nor will nobody be able to step into Adele's shoes.

This year until her birthday in May 2012, is a very unsettling time for Adele. This is because a triple 5 is activated in her current cycles.

1. Adele is 23 years old – 23 reduces to 5.

2. Adele is in a 14 Personal Year – which reduces to 5.

3. These numbers are made even more potent because they are triggering the 5.5. of her birth.

Next month, November 2011, will be an important time for Adele to pull back and reassess where she finds herself now. Spiritually this is an incredible growth period for her.

However, with her highly challenging current name of ‘Adele', she will always have major bumps in the road.

Of all the current name numbers, 18 carries the most challenging symbolism. It represents materialism wanting to destroy the spiritual side of nature.

With an 18 name, Adele has to constantly watch her back as this name number can attract deception from friends and enemies.

My recommendation is that she change her name to “Adelle”.

Adelle resonates to the highly fortunate 21/3 in the ancient Chaldean system I use for current names.

21 carries the following meaning – victory after a long struggle, and tests of determination. With this spelling, Adelle would be blessed by final victory over all odds and all opposing forces.

A clue that this new spelling is a wonderful alternative for her: her latest album was titled “21”… Not surprisingly, “21” launched Adele to record breaking success across the globe.

May she heal soon and bless the world again with her astounding gifts.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. People always ask, “What blueprint should I get first?” My answer, Is My Name Fortunate? Report.” Get your current name checked – it sets the stage for how easy, or challenging, your life is.

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  1. Winter Hummingbird October 19, 2012 at 6:34 pm - Reply

    Adele rocks. You should find the cover Mike Peralta did of set fire to the rain also. Its so good.

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